A Danseuse In Style.

Dancing to the tune

with an everlasting  smile

she went about in a shine.


It was a bewitching style

a captivating   bind

calling for an applause.


Agile in her  movements

nimble in  her footsteps

her  nuances  created a sensation


Received she an ovation

a standing one  great

making her famous overnight.kam2









A Morning

It being a  gay morning

with the birds joyfully  chirping

the wind  noiselessly whispering

the sun lazily rising

the donkeys  constantly braying

the horses frequently  galloping

the dogs randomly   barking

the street  vendors incessantly  shouting

the children  soundly sleeping

the  women busily  cooking

the men tenderly  gardening

the day extensively  stretching

with activities  sleepingdramatically lessening

as it being a Sunday in the opening.