The Girl Graceful

With a facial done  minutely 

touching the eye brows  carefully

straightening the hair neatly

adding colour to the cheeks daintily

applying lipstick on  the lips colourfully

lifting the face with a foundation firmly

doing up with a moisturizer  simply

she looked bright and cheerful

clad in a pretty attire  wonderfl

a combination of pastel colours in full

pink, yellow and light green  in tone

she was a cynosure all eyes well borne

as the slight toning added  grace  as shown

even without it she would be perfect

as she be a beauty with keen features intact

sharp and aquiline

chiselled and Roman

expressing exuberance and  poise  adequate

both in behaviour and etiquette

solemn in outlook  always

wise in approach  all days

elegant in movement

one could go on  in a denouement

elaborating her personality in detail

but as everything need to end  with a deal

there be an end to description in style

as it would be superior  and nice

if one sees her Raja-Ravi-Vermas-Painting with his  own eyes.






Nothing More Pretty Much

Nothing much I find in writing

Nothing much i write about.

Nothing much I do think of.

Nothing much I learn also.

Pdownload (4)retty much I live as I am

not bothered about name and fame

Pretty much i stand alone

not wanting to get into the crowd.

Well that much I can say about me

as I having nothing more to reveal.


Inventions All Around.

inventions  take us far

crossing all the bars

away they go afar

reaching the shores with care.


Inventions are too many

as to hold them any

they vouch  for a penny

extending their uses in trendy.


Inventions  hold the sway

as  they cross all ways

with an emphatic say

leaving all  comfortably   gay.


Inventions  do claim

pros and cons without blame

exposing the defects not in shame

finally ending up with fame.images (20)








A Retreat.

With that I go 

getting  in the flow

forgetting the blow

I  walk with steps slow

as very much I Know

that everything  in a row

would crash  down very  low

before that I would lose my glow

settling more or less with a bow

away from the relevant foe.relevant foe