No One is a Foe.

A cat on the wall

I see  him on my wall

burly and brown

whiskers long  and grown.


The cat on my  wall

sits tight on the wall

stares at me fiercely

am an intruder truly.


Sits there for long almost tired

unhappy as his wall is shared

I too, for my part, sit there  tired

unhappy as my wall is shared.


Anger brews and fury rises

seen in the cat’s eyes

found  in a sparkle  bright

emits an animosity  straight.


I control my temper  with not ease

feel bad as if I am teased

want to drive the cat out

he an illegal occupant all throughout .


The  cold war lasted for a while

both of us indignant in style

I chastizing him for his intrusion

he mumbling  against my  intervention.


All things have to come to an end

in a way or another one has to bend

so did the cat with a bow

understood,cat sits no one is a bitter foe.











Fighting With A shadow.

Fighting with a shadow

a practise much in the go

a confrontation in the show

when there is absolutely no foe

seems to confer a strike in blow

which falls on the opponent rather  slow

if there at all be  one ever so

the illusion  sits firmly not with a know

as most engage in such feats in a row

apparently the execution is but a hoax.



A Retreat.

With that I go 

getting  in the flow

forgetting the blow

I  walk with steps slow

as very much I Know

that everything  in a row

would crash  down very  low

before that I would lose my glow

settling more or less with a bow

away from the relevant foe.relevant foe






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Loneliness is a Fear.

lonelyLike a mad man he dashed out.
In the grip of fear he shouted.
Terrified his heart almost jumped out.
He was shattered without a let out.
His loneliness gobbled him out.
Friends or foe had he in the clout?
He could have shared with his friends throughout.
He would have fought with his foes without a doubt.
Lo! he stood alone from the crowd like a silhouette.
With eyes wide open he blinked like a distraught.
With sensibility perfect he appeared like a laggard
With stature perfect but he looked like an upstart.
Keeping away had made him a desolate grumpy haggard