The Dark Horse.

The horse being dark
download (30)looking like a dried bark
stood tired and exhausted
by the side of the lane .

The children playing around
went in a merry-go-round
as the horse stood lonely
munching the grass  thoroughly.

It being a race horse once
now thrown away in a bounce
abandoned by its masters now
away in the wilderness under the bough.

Painful to see the dark horse unclaimed
once a stallion of pride  and well deigned
appearing like a haggard on the street
well , that is how men go about the beat.

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Jeff “The Terrible”

The golden brown labarador Jeff
came as a small pup to our family
one and half decade ago in a huff.

He was friendly and unfriendly all in one
cordial with the family and rough with strangers
playing amicably now, then barking in a gruff tone.

Jeff grew tall and strong and became a terror.
The neighbourhood hailed as a “Terrible”
as its roar sent down the spine a shiver.

My children went to distant lands
leaving Jeff to us father and mother
and the three of us remained a happy band.

A few years later my husband had to move
while Jeff and I had to live in the family home
with nothing much to keep us in the groove.

As things were getting ahead in normal pace
I had to shift and join my husband
giving Jeff a lot of loneliness and lot of space.

Jeff was in the care of the servants
Unable to bear the separation
it took ill and became defiant.

We rushed back home in a hurry
Jeff was lying down with eyes closed.
Seeing us he Wagged his tail and smiled faintly.

We knew Jeff was in his death bed.
Next morn a fleet of crows sat around him
crowing hoarsely signalling the end in a trend.

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Loneliness is a Fear.

lonelyLike a mad man he dashed out.
In the grip of fear he shouted.
Terrified his heart almost jumped out.
He was shattered without a let out.
His loneliness gobbled him out.
Friends or foe had he in the clout?
He could have shared with his friends throughout.
He would have fought with his foes without a doubt.
Lo! he stood alone from the crowd like a silhouette.
With eyes wide open he blinked like a distraught.
With sensibility perfect he appeared like a laggard
With stature perfect but he looked like an upstart.
Keeping away had made him a desolate grumpy haggard

break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .

Actions Experience turmoil

Let Out

Feeling lonely is a let out,

Fighting singly is a let out,

Working alone is a let out,

Thinking different is a let out,

Smiling to oneself is a let out,

Crying uncontrollably is a let out,

Living away is a let out,

Moving ahead is a let out

Speaking truth is a let out,

Fuming with anger is a let out,

Everyone lets you out,

As you find no solace all throughout.