Relating The Faces in Phases

The liveliness is very familiar.
The looks are so similar.
The resemblance is striking.
The mannerism is so alluring
arousing a puzzle and quandary.

With the confusion looming high
Sat there for a few hours in a try
searching for the relevance with a buy
failing to get the attachments in style
left the place with a disappointment great.

Memory lapses occur at the most important space.
It might be this,might be that goes the mind in chase.
The mind tries to recapture the hundreds of faces
but gets lost getting stuck up somewhere in place.
Finally gives up the taskface. in slow phases.


Old Familiar Faces.

Taking a long walk
round the lake
in the late evening
saw many familiar faces
which had gone through
lot of changes over the years.images (11)
A friend who was so robust and healthy
looked thin and meagre.
The other one with a pleasant figure
slim and elegant and trim
had accumulated flesh round the waist
Another one who was tall and handsome
had developed a double chin
and had a small protruding paunch
while the last one I saw
looked so energetic and cheerful
much against his older version
of exhaustion and fatigue.
Amused to see them all in such stature
completed my walk and reached home
wondering what would they all have thought
of my posture and composure.
Really ,a point to ponder.

break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .