The Bird Do .Why Men Though?

Flying up  and down

flying from here to there

has been the habit of birds

they not being  in one place

not walking for a few seconds

taking off in few minutes

has been their way all through

thinking why the do?

Ispent a few good hours deliberating

finally came with a reference

they feeling insecure

fearing some harm would come to them

either by men or animals

they not stick to one position

as they trot and walk

then rise up followed by a downward move

expressing their apprehension

in a way as   not getting fixed to one status

they do fly on and off

Can the same be ascribed to people too ?6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi

who not take a firm decision anytime

going back on their words

hitting the same post once again

Well, that might be plausible too.

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The Practicalities

Going back is never too easy.

Back tracking is ever too easy.

Keeping up the promise is never too easy.

Eating up the words is ever too easy.

Hearing slander is never too easy.

Listening to praise is ever too easy.


The world moves on round and round.

The interruption  of movement is never found.

People’s talk  reverberates with full sound.

Their activity  advances never with a bound.

The life becomes meaningful with wealth abound.

No other means seeks a serious wound.


Living in the middle of conceit and greed

Man accepts the reality with a distinct breed.

Well, money has always been the prime need.

It is a requirement to arrange a feed.

What then is the crux of the deed?

It is something that directs to a bleed.


This transaction has been going on for years.

It has been carried out without any fear.

Nestling behind the scene  in the rear.

We trace a slight  jerk which is out of gear.

The affinity for wealth is found with extreme cheer.

As a finale it is held to the bosom so near.









break retreat thoughts

Away a Little While

It is a retreat  far away,

In  a tail end  bay,

Away  from  familiar faces,

Away from known places,

Away from stressful tedium,

Away from   garrulous medium,

Away only for  a little while .