meet. Poety

Those I Meet

While taking a walk

saw  two men talk

I passed them with a nod

A few steps ahead

crossed  a reptile with a small head

I hopped over it  without a fall.

In a little distance

two sparrows flew very low

I deviated with caution not to hurt.

As I turned right

a cat jumped from the wall

scared for a moment I stood still

Continued my sojourn

came back to the start

saw the men in conversation.

Talk the men all along

for hours together even longer

know not what for

yet they carry on.morning walk


Boon Or A Doom

The coolness in the surround

a precursor to a freeze in-depth

felt very much in the breeze

that is the phenomenon natural

but turns unbearably hot

the extremes take us with a beat

this is the formula for every deed

like the waves that flow high and low

the days turn dark and then glow

the moods swing up and down

men are quick to rise up and drown

the one becomes another soon

difficult to say anything for sure

whether it be a boon or a doom.




Waterless the world has become
with almost no rains for three months
around the equator and tropics
the rivers have dried up
the water sources are empty
the man, the animals and birds
appear thirsty all through
the plants and trees look paltry
withered and dry with no green leaves
a sight horrible to see
a season terrible to experience.waterless


Breathes There The Man

Breathes there the man
so goes the poem all in a way
there be a breath in the men
that be the priority of the day
as men do all deeds treacherous
that exasperate the breath all the more
they being in the catch of the imperious
doing most dubious acts with the fervour.
as there be so much  infidelity around
the man’s breath turns out to be foul
keeping one and all in a bound
the man gets ahead of his crimes with a prowl.artworks-000039223986-e0hwyn-crop


India In The Nineteen Eighties

Heard of  a story 

nay, it is not one of a story

it is but  a real affair

that came to indira_gandhi_fashion_20070820  alive

down in the Indian sub continent

that of  say in the nineteen eighties

when there in the government

be it in the central

with a host of ministers all being men

qualified or unqualified

whatever might be

most in traditional Indian costume

and a few in the western attire

thoroughly subdued  and submissive

but there be a woman

with an iron will and determination

be it for good or bad

be it just or unjust

be she merciful or ruthless

whatever might be the state

she professed a stern and impenetrable attitude

that made everyone jocularly remark

be there only one man  in woman’s attire

heading the cabinet of women clad in  men’s dress.




The Bird Do .Why Men Though?

Flying up  and down

flying from here to there

has been the habit of birds

they not being  in one place

not walking for a few seconds

taking off in few minutes

has been their way all through

thinking why the do?

Ispent a few good hours deliberating

finally came with a reference

they feeling insecure

fearing some harm would come to them

either by men or animals

they not stick to one position

as they trot and walk

then rise up followed by a downward move

expressing their apprehension

in a way as   not getting fixed to one status

they do fly on and off

Can the same be ascribed to people too ?6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi

who not take a firm decision anytime

going back on their words

hitting the same post once again

Well, that might be plausible too.


The Day Out

Day in and day out
go the years out
with the decided fall out
where men go out
searching for a living out and out
while children venture out
wanting to learn in and out
where the  sun comes  out
filling the world with light throughout
and naturally it goes out
plunging  the world in darkness out and out
the rain failing in a time out
causing a famine and drought
with the wind blowing fiercely in a rage out
destroying the environment in a fall out
the fire with a fury breaks out
ranging across causing a rout
with that the day comes to an ending all stout

where nothing lies firm and decided in a knock out.article-2389280-1B3BAC54000005DC-425_634x460


A Day Or Two Ago.

theru koothuA day or two ago

heard a story of long ago

when men used to work manually

with no electricity to help them

and no other gadgets to assist them.

getting up early in the morn

walked to the place of work

with meals wrapped in leaves

toiled the whole day

and had complete rest  in the evening

with no other distractions

except the weekly fair

and the street dramas enacted

then and there with  songs

without any  orchestra

only the drum and the conch

that lent the beats

They were healthy and robust

eating all natural food mostly raw

vegetables  fresh from the farm

supplemented by fruits and grains .

Their life was easy and lovely

and they did live long

passing at the right age

as no medical facilities prevailed

facilitating a prolong and an extension

perhaps it was an intentional

giving  way to the next generation


Three Men On A Road.

Said he something vindictive.
Came a man very tentative
Caught hold of the man attentive
slapped him unscrupulously
making him bleed profusely
The speaker stood silently.
I stood shocked and helpless
sad for the man who spoke less
apprehensive of the one who behaved ruthless
abhorring most unrulythe one spoke rudely


Men And Their Ways.

The thoughts of men
the deeds of men
the lust of men
the greed of men
spring from the den
not knowing when
come up in ten
sometimes like a hen
fluttering like wren
other times from weapons
sharp, incisive and open
getting into the deepen
causing a cut sharpen
with a wordy dampen
able greatly to widen
never possible to shorten
finally releasing a rebellion
bringing in chaos and commotion
rebellionby a siege and desolation.