Boon Or A Doom

The coolness in the surround

a precursor to a freeze in-depth

felt very much in the breeze

that is the phenomenon natural

but turns unbearably hot

the extremes take us with a beat

this is the formula for every deed

like the waves that flow high and low

the days turn dark and then glow

the moods swing up and down

men are quick to rise up and drown

the one becomes another soon

difficult to say anything for sure

whether it be a boon or a doom.



The Mother’s Way.

Reluctant to go to school
the child lay cool.
Time was running out
but he was firm in and out.
Hearing the honking of the school bus
his mother got up in a mess
finding him still on bed
clearing her throat she said.
Are You not going to school?
The boy turned on his bed cool.
Leaving him to himself
the mother reached the shelf
took a book to read
forgetting all other breed.
The son got up and walked in tip toe
finding not even a toast on board
He came to his mother slowly
Have you not prepared the breakfast?
The mother went throughlittle boythe pages fast
The boy went back to his room
and sat there all day in gloom.


Nonchalant She Be

Nonchalant she be.
Determined and resolved
she otherwise is very free
moves with specific fold
not involving in unnecessary
trivia and trial in hold
keeping a distance necessary
her ideals are distinctly bold
she never falls for anyone
however great they might be
she never bows down to anyone
however powerful they might be
leading a life special and significant
with a careful sense of relevance
and a scrupulous sensibility of17Nonchalant reverence.

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Analogue Of The Moon.

It is a half crescent.

It looks nascent.

It tends to be stringent.

It has a status regent.


It grows with pleasure.

It wanes in  measure.

It succumbs to pressure.

In  a lethargic leisure.

Indeed it is a  covetous treasure.


Every fortnight it grows in size.

Every other fortnight it demurely lies.

Its expansion has a phenomenal rise.

Its contraction has defeated ties.

Irresistbly  it has a fascinating prize.


It shines in the night.

Emitting a cool light.

Expressing no flight.

Empowering a rational plight.

Indeed it delivers a lovely sight.



Does it not exhibit an analogue?

Does it not record a dialogue?

Does it not appear as a prologue?

Does it not sound like an epilogue? 

Curiously it is not  in thetreasure, leisure, ressure, pleasure, sight, catalogue.