Mona – The Puss

Mona fights relentless
somehow or other
he accomplishes.

It is a task to oversee
the interests of the community
not an extraordinary job.

He takes over for a year
with extreme pomp.
Identical to a narcissist.

It is another’s turn
the next year. Mona’s
deviations come to light.

He delivers the resignation .
Intimates his inablity
to serve the next round.

The association is aghast.
The one who fought fierce
reverses like a puss.


The Installment

Hop on and hop off
I never stop.

A month here
a month there
I go on.

It is installment.
Equated with a struggle.
Pursue with diligence.
Eleven years, no joke.
It is nothing but awe.

I belong to a place
for half the year
the rest of the days
I am not found.
A transit not of choice
but of compulsion.

I am forgotten
for a while.
Emerge suddenly.
I am an enigma to myself.

Well, this is the life
I live. Like an umbra,
resemble a penumbra.
akin to an antumbra.


Hidup Rakyat!

Excited I observe the polls
Each minute is incredible.

Malaysia, the multi racial country
goes to polls. The situation is scary.

Greed culminates in kleptocracy.
The Prime Minister is at his best.

He squanders, deviates, destroys,
disillusions. Drives the people mad.

Saddened they search for a substitute.
Another coalition moves in to the rescue.

Spearheaded  by the ninety three year old.
Mahathir, himself a dictator once.

He is changed, a born leader.
Has shed his arrogance looks gentle.

Softened Mahathir perceives hope.
Unites the races and wins.

Malaysia expects a renaissance,
austerity and reformation.

Democracy  became a monopoly.
resulted in an unprecedented turmoil.

The “Rakyat”, the people in Bahasa
turn forceful this time.

Overhthrow the government,
_the triumph of justice.

In less than a month in office,
governance excels.

I acknowledge  happiness everywhere.
Peace and hope prevail.

A delightful experience for me.
Thrilled to watch the rise of the  people.

“Hidup Rakyat”.



Handbags, Diamonds and Gold

Money is dear
to Rosy.

Pink diamonds
are her favourite.

Hermes Birkin
handbags she adores.

She hoards
biscuits and bars.

Shops, bargains,
threatens, pays nobody.

Wields her power
the wife of a powerful man.

Currencies, diamonds and gold
fluctuate. Never the handbags

Rosy’s handbags are worth
millions. Their value increases.

A prudent investor, Rosy
determines she is an empress.

A fortnight back,
she fell from grace.

Her husband’s defeat
puts her in gloom.

Her wealth baffles.
The Police seize them.

Rosy keeps mum.
Her husband faces interrogation.

Greed leads to false glory.
Spells doom.


The Ongoing Season

Summer is at the threshold of close,
monsoon intercepts with a force,
the season turns pleasant
liveliness experienced in days recent.

Mercury level falls
a definite clarion call
it is neither chill nor warm
instigates  calm.

Most years are harsh
extreme and rash
this one is an exception
comes with a correction.

Awareness of global warmth
has gained renewed strength
the earth  changes for the better
a renaissance enters without pressure.


The Malaysian Elections

Excitement all over the state.
It is the turn of plate.
Not the one precisely.
being that of metaphorically.

The Malaysians rejoice.
They have raised the voice.
Demonstrated  their power
voted  out the violator.

It is the kleptocracy in its heights
The multi races had to fight.
Destroyed the monopoly of UMNO
Democracy is unknown.

Could hear the people talk with fervour
“Remove the ruling party, else never
would we breathe freedom?
the  prognosis is only doom”.

They accomplished  what they spoke
cast their ballots and broke
the hegemony. It is the mass
who are the rulers of class?


How Long?

My eyes are red, bloodshot,
profuse leak in the nose,
the body yearns for rest,
have to carry on, no choice.
Rain or shine are not for me,
neither summer nor winter.

I wear a big smile
as if all is well.
events go steady.
Is it a pretext or a semblance?

I keep going.
How long?
do not know.


Rain A Trickster

It is hide and seek.
The rainfall plays a trick.

I am ready for a stroll at six
Torrential pour, am in a fix.

I return to my workplace
Drizzles intermittent in pace.

I commence to write
The downpour disappears from sight.

Gather myself in a hurry
try to go in a scurry.

Droplets slip on my forehead
I hustle back to my bed.

That is the conclusion of my walk.
The hour is nine o’clock.


The Flowery Grace

The flowers peep through the window,
the four petals delicate and white,
seem to enter with a haste,
pull back after a second thought.

They do not  raise their heads,
seek to hide, reticent to confront visitors.
I regard them with an intense fee,l
my ears turn deaf to the exchanges.

The blossoms on the foliage
the white against the green.
Serve a backdrop to the spacious room
tiled in black and white.

Lost in the simple beauty in front of me
miss  the dialogues that take place.
They bear no significance when juxtaposed
with the eternal beauty I behold.


A Shift

A shift can be
physical or mental
both create a lull.

Subject to one such
I turn inactive
do not try.

The period, a fortnight
makes me lose cheer.
I abstain from matters dear.

Away from the bustle,
confined to specifics
am more of a relic.

Unable to renounce
I return to the original.
Alas! now in centre of a trial.