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Abusing Society.

A society  is a group of humans.It is an economic, social, industrial infrastructure made up of a varied multitude of individuals.There is a subtle difference between society and culture.. Society is a disciplined arrangement of social relations, while culture is made up of beliefs and symbolic forms.

The distinction  in various  classes of  society, the disharmony in behaviour of  a different strata of society , that of the powerful and the powerless, rich and the poor, the discrimination of old and young, the alienation of the physically challenged  pose an abusive threat to society.

A  news clipping of a Passport issuing officer’s misuse of  her authority is amazing and nauseating at the same time.. She makes Rs  5millionper month ,by issuing emergency passports under the Tatkal scheme,  forming a nexus with a travel agent . She runs a parallel office in her home.The  CEO is  her husband, a nephew, of a Minister.This reflects the abuse of bureaucracy.

The next issue ,is the arrest of the former chairman of a nationalised bank, for sanctioning a loan to the most undeserving customer. The Chairman, it is rumoured acted on the behest of a powerful politician, now dead.It is an incident of a  thorough misuse of the high office

 The third episode is a most interesting. The highly melodramatic event stunt is the fasting schedule of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. He motored to the Marina , in the early hours , was wheeled to the portals of the Anna Samadhi. There was hushed buzz and a swished bustle. He was followed by his wife, his mistress, his paramour, his daughters, sons and nephews, along withe the batch of officials , all assembling at the wee hours , as the Chief minister is to undertake  fast against the military excess of the Sri Lankan government. A cosy cot was rolled over, and the Chief minister was placed in the bed, with his near and dear ones hovering over him. News flashed all over the state. His party men made similar feat in all major cities and towns. Television channels brought live relay  and in a matter of six hours , the chief minister has ended his fast, as the Central government prevailed over its counterpart to stop the war.What a colossal waste of money, time , energy and  abuse of administrative machinery .This is an outrageous attempt to brandish the super power wrested on the Chief Minister.

These are the most recent incidents that created a cumbersome apprehension  and a strangling evidence  that mar the society, corrupt the mind and disenchant the society .


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Polling In India

India , is going through  a normal election spree.,sounds abnormal, as Indians are highly emotional and politically inclined,. Parts of the country  have gone through   a phase of tense polling. The rest of India , has  set the electioneering process  till May /13/2009.

Years before,  the campaigns were feverish, the ramblings were  loud, the promises were high, and the expectation was above normal. Now , there is no such combustion, no misty provocations, and very little anticipations, as the people have realised the truth, that  whoever comes to power, becomes a corrupt entity, a self conceited representative of the people. Mind the catch “self conceited representative of the people’. Selfishness takes the upper hand pushing the community to oblivion. The excess respect , they show, during the canvassing period, becomes a farcical cognisance after the election  .The material surplus they amass, the rapport they acquire, the power they grab , after getting elected makes them superhuman, that they suspend their animated touch with the commoner. They  postpone similar moderation , till the next election.

This ruse has worked out well for the parliamentarians all these years , till sixty two years of independence.  But this time ,the trick has lost its glamour , precisely its craftiness, People, after a deep slumber for sixty years, have realised  the gross deceptions of the politicians. ,recognised the impertinence of the elected Representatives, ascertained the cantankerous advances of the bigwigs. They are unusually keeping  a restricted movement. We perceive no high drama, hear no shouts of joy, experience no precinct of thrill and ecstasy. Everything is quiet,simple, calm ,and sober. This epilogue is a rarity, an oddity and a serenity unexpected , and unnerving.

Politicians fooled the crowd all these while. They can  play the fool for certain years , but not all round. The disillusioned Indians , had been a butt of the political parties confirmations so long. But , lately have come out of the frenzied world , with a refreshing facade and a reverberating jaunt.Their emergence from the cocoon of ignorance , and from the  world of vile ,vicious , corrigibilities , would place them in a pinnacle of supreme efficiency and  confer on them  an  elegant ethical emancipation.

The results are of no issue to the electorate. The hitherto rejected people will propel and usher a rule  of justice, a reign of impartiality and explore a realm of reverential cognito  . The Indian dream is taking shape . It will transcend  smoothly and traverse through potholes and bumps with ease and merriment.

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Without food,

Without water,

Without clothes,

Are visible forms of hunger,

Without learning,

Without love,

Without kindness,

Are abstract designs of hunger.

Without hope,

Without faith,

Without belief ,

Are celestial nodes of hunger.

The  physical  rectitude of hunger , is the most cruelest of all   forms.  Many millions  of our co habit-ants go without food. They look so famished, so thin, so ghastly with sunken eyes, and protruding bellies. Their body is a bag of bones, so skinny , that all the nerves and bones present an exposition , horrible and horrendous. They lie with meagre clothes on, in a makeshift hut,  on a lowly torn rug .Discerning  such pathetic morbidity wrench the heart .

Hunger  is a vicious  pronouncement.How to eradicate this harsh futility?A determination  definite,a  serenity firm ,a predicament resolute should be taken up to wipe off this injustice. Gross miscalculations by nature is one of the factors that  go in to bring this heinous misery. Certain parts of Africa , are arid deserts, with no water, no vegetation , no replenishing precepts. The  passionate emotive representation of poverty and hunger in these areas drive us to the verge of collapse. If  mere perception pursues us to such a step, the actual experience  by the people in the sinful seclude will deliver a gruesome conclusion. Most die out of want of food. They resort to the  extremes of eating sand and whatever comes in their way to quell their hunger.

The other vital fact , is the selfish motto’s that most of us unconsciously nurture.  We think of ourselves, our well being, our comforts, and  concentrate in our proposals to gain popularity and prosperity. A little signal of courtesy, a significant touch of kindness, a noble attitude to share our meal with the less fortunate will  make things even, will promote poise and will figure a graceful suppression of  hunger . This  invaluable contribution to society  of  weeding hunger out of the world is the worthy philanthropical procedure .

Building temples was a noted front runner to charitable deeds , a few decades back. Setting up schools . colleges and universities are the present trendsetters in promoting charitable causes. Providing food to all , is the most imminent commision of  the day, a synagogue neceessary to receive  this blessed bounty .





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State Bank Of India -High And Dry

The influence of State bank Of India , though for negative reasons, is so deep , that I am finding it difficult to wean away from it.

Royalty brings with it grandeur. Massive enormity forces us to give respect. Extensive reach enables us to admire. The core activities make us realise the vitality. The powerful interaction leads us to ease. The flow of wealth renders us awestruck. This is the normal consequence of anything true and great.

State bank Of India , to many like me , presents a not too  affable experience and an infuriating reminiscence. The attitude towards the constituents is animosity. The sanction of loan is subjected to unusual tardiness. The facilities are split, broken , and delivered in fragments. The assurance from the customer is verified, , crosschecked , scrutinised umpteen times. But their confirmation , is a dangling dilemma, concurring to the notifications.They take much, but disburse little. While processing the loan,they  pose to perform undue  caution, enacting lot of fuss, impelling extra stress .

Gaining entry into the portals . is a strain irrespective of merit and genuinity. I took pride ,when I became a constituent of State bank Of India , twenty years back. But , I regretted  this step  , after a few months of my dealings. The  accessibility was so difficult. Every small references has to be sent to the Local head office. The Branch , the Regional Offices are a dummy existence. A wholesome expense is met in maintaining such inert offices which are under spineless officials, who  find safe hideout in the omnipotent Local Head office.

The General Managers ,  are tied up  with issues , that they are hard pressed for time. The Presidents and Prime Ministers, of nations, meet people, hear their grievance , in the midst of heavy schedule. The high up officials  of this bank , have no free time to  lift their head to acknowledge a person. Such is their busy work out.  It seems that tough programmes enforced to take major policy decisions  make them unapproachable.These pretensions are amusing

 In places , of worship, in venues of  exhibitions , in areas of public meetings, the entry is difficult but the exit will be easy . But, in State Bank, getting into it is tedious. Getting out is alarmingly painful . The strength , the valour, the tolerance, the  money , all get sucked up . The customer is a skeleton of his self , both physically and in spirit.

  Gandhiji  has said, that for any business to thrive the customer is important.It is the other way round in State bank Of India.


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State Bank Of India’s Pathology


My nineteen years interaction with The State Bank Of India , prompts me to do a research on its abnormal behaviour. The structural pattern of the  bank , may look extremely  solid  and very strong, but in actuality is full of  eccentric porous  and very weak. The functional procedures ,may appear grand and highly disciplined, but in reality is flippant and extravagantly  chaotic.

Pathology is a medical speciality.It consists of anatomical ,clinical, forensic, veterinary, and plant studies.The pathologists are physicians ,who diagnose and characterize disease in living patients by examining biopsies or body fluids.

State Bank’s pathology  is a financial speciality. It considers the credit worthiness, background ,requirement, potentiality .  capacity of the creditor. The appraisal officer , conducts a thorough survey of the intricate details and ratifies the proposal.This is the original worksheet and a normal spread out of any financial institution  But  State Bank has its own formulas. Anomalies and  infringements creep in. The financial pathology undergoes a change. The identities reveal a catch. There is no thumb rule, in extending loan.The extension is lengthened  to high flung industrialist. The limit is curtailed to humble upcoming entrepreneur. The imposition of regulations vary according to specific norms ,formatted by the Committee.  No official takes up the responsibility for the alarming discrepancies.  They place  the claim  on the committee.This proves to be a peculiar significance.

What is a committee? It is basically a group of people officially delegated to perform a function , such as investigating,considering, reporting  or acting on a matter.The committee has on board ,human beings  with life and blood. It does not comprise of demigods, who descend from the other world,who are unaware of the idiosyncrasies of the commercial and industrial genre.Unfortunately , the Committee behaves in a quixotic manner , completely irrelevant to the day to day progressions. It also succumbs to pressure and acts  in a perplexing autocratic deviation

.Medical pathology facilitates treatment , by making a serious attempt to acquire knowledge  related to human disease.

State Bank Of India’s  pathology obstructs  prosperity  by creating a series of harassment  to diffuse  stoicism  leading  to cutomer’s  extinction.

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State Bank Of India’s Lexicon

Compiling  a wordbook is a tremendous task. A lexicon consists of the vocabulary of a particular language, persons,field, social class,etc. State bank Of India , has formatted a beautiful glossary of terms pregnant with meanings , connotations and latent inferences , which could be understood only by its officers. The interpretation of the terms are entirely  mind blowing . Never would have anybody , with the reasonable level of education, and a rational degree  of comprehension , accept the indications of the reputed bank’s presentation, nor would have thought or more so dreamt of the definitions of certain common phrases and terminologies.

The experience , I  am having with this presitigious bank , would make anyone spellbound and speechless. Such are the whims and fancies of the officials. A two and half a year back , I got a statement from the branch , of which I am a constituent, that there is no due in my  company’s loan account. This , unobtrusively , I procured to finalise my company’ s balance sheet. Well, the job was done .  The filing of returns and other routione check ups were accomplished by my auditors.So far , so fine.

The gigantic Bank , the biggest in Asia, came with a powerful thunderbolt . almost as massive as its size, calling me to pay further amount, a lumpsum , saying I have not repaid to the ” Full satisfaction ” of the Bank.The penetration has created a dent in my complacence. I fumed ,I shook in  anger.What is their intention?What do they want from me?More money, more money. more money.Where to get? How to get?Why should I pay?. My ramifications  have fallen into deaf ears.This is a typical illustration of their inventory of words. Many more  are there to prove my point, but I restrain myself from exhibiting this one vital concordance.

The lexicon of State Bank Of India,is a worthy contribution to society in general and to the financial institutions in particular. The dictionary is an asset to the world.It should find a place in every library .

Kudos to State Bank Of India .

Long Live the Officials.

May their tribe increase.

God be with them

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A genial person by nature, and-one who takes life as it comes,as of now  I find a  marginal difference in myself.I get upset for no reason, get fidgety for nothing and yell at everyone for unknown trivia. Am I succumbing to mental fatigue? Am I   a prey to physical discomfiture?Am I getting into any unforeseen entanglements? I know not .Today,  I am a bundle of contradictions . I am a ball of emotions. I am a a strain of my original self.

I was a daring  , solid individual. I used to put up a brave face at oddities. I faced every demeaning context with stoicism . I tread the path , which according to my conscience worked perfectly. To me , my parents, my in laws, were another set of humans, full of flaws and foibles, prejudice and conceit, partial and wreckless. I did not bother about their irrational expressions . I moved on with my  determined schedule.

I was put to unnerving hardships, placed in  uncermonious  destinations, kept in unethical financial pressure and treated with uncanny wickedness. I overcame all these treatise by paying slight attention. I brushed aside  these morbidities with fearless detemination , but at the same time wiped  my moist eyes.My mind took control of my heart,and saw to it that  at no cost , I gave way to feelings and outbursts. I proceeded in my  path undeterred and undaunted.

I take a deep breath. My overwrought mind is in a terrible mess. My heart is heavy with compressed  distress. My physic is dwindling in its efficiency.

 This deficiency is the outcome of depression and desperation, deceit and derision , wretched  infidelity and incorrigible mistrust, blind faith and maddening mockery. As my external is losing its active performance, the internal  also gradually deteriorates in its presumption. The smitten body renders the mildly disturbed mind to a break point. Thus delivering a system easily susceptible to break downs, to defatigable dispositions, and vincible circumstances.

The radiance in me is getting dimmed. The  refreshing spirit is set to wither. The ebullience  is fading. The invigorating humour is lost. The setback is contagious . It is pushing me to irrelevance.

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Nothing Doing.

I am always thrilled to hear this phrase “Nothing doing.”It may sound very authoritative, and may invite displeasure. It has a negative connotation. But ,I have got used to this usage right from my childhood.

I was born to a strict mother. her discipline was not anything simple, but more rigorous than a military perception. A day always began with her tough routine, Right from waking up  in the morning, to my retirement in the night ,  I was subjected to a severe schedule.The day started with completing my homework, practising my musical notes, followed by working on my bharatanatyam jathis and bhavas. Then ,I was pushed to have a quick bath. While coming out ,I was dragged  by my mom to do up my hair, powder up my face , stuck bhindi, then placed flowers in my short plait. I was led into the dining hall, made to eat my breakfast, gulp some hot milk,and was  put in the car ,driven by an aged chauffeur,to school. Any remission or commission would be discarded with a phrase “Nothing doing”

Again in school, I had to undergo similar prescriptions. The teachers and nuns were my mother’s good friends. So the behaviour was as much oppressive as it was at home. A little distraction would bring the roof down. A little slip in the rank would create a pandemonium. A little truancy would bring hell. “Nothing doing ” would be the chant of my school teachers.I completed school in harsh terror.

College , I thought would have a different environment. It would be a place for more liberties , more personal development, and more individual outlook. But , my feeling was dismally wrong. My college days were even more suffocating than my school days. My Principal , happened to be a dear friend of my mother, very close to our family. There was no escapade from her watchful eyes. her eyes would be following me, wherever I went, even when I had to go to different buildings in the college ,for different classes.  I preferred to sit in the back benches, and was up to some pranks for a a fortnight, when the Principal was out of town. Once she came back , I was summoned and given a stern sermon, The favourite phrase ” nothing doing”, crossed her soliloquy often. I came out of her office with down cast eyes . On my return home, I was  taken to task by mother.” Nothing doing “, she cried at the top of her voice.

I walked out with saddened spirit. What have I done ? Why this ado about nothing? My mind kept prodding, my heart ached , and my eyes glistened with tears, I bit my lips, in anger . Blood oozed out.

Looking back after 30 years , I feel sorry for my ,mother, my teachers and my Principal. Why did they act so hard, so harsh and so severe.? They earned the dispeasure of their wards. A kind word, a pep talk, a jovial shimmer, a twinkle in the eyes would have brought immense results. Nay , these were not there in their lexicon.

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Looking Around

Looking around I find,

A multitude of races,

With different faces,

In a close bind.


Looking around, I see

A column of fame

With varied  name,

In an erect tee



Looking around , I perceive

A show of finesse,

With exhibits of niceness .

In a display conceive.


Looking around, I gather,

An innumerable babble,

With noisy preamble,

In a chaos rather.



Looking around, I muster,

A succinct texture,

With lively culture,

In a strange batter.



Looking around, I admire,

A plethora of grace,

With excessive trace,

In a glowing desire.


Looking around, I feel,

A gusto of amity

With lovely brevity,

In an adroit heal.



Looking around, I experience,

A breeze of  kindness

With  nitty firmness,

In natural defense.



Looking around , I achieve,

A programme of bliss,

With celestial kiss,

In heavenly weave.

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Latitude And Longitude Of Debt.

Earth is essentially a sphere. It is a habitat of mortal life.

The geographical coordinates  are called latitude and longitude.

This is an indulgence unfamiliar, leading to a comparative study of earth and debt. The  imaginary lines , around the planet Earth, reveal the intricacies of the earth’s formation  and location of a place. The lines of the financial are cynically  dubbed as latitudes and longitudes, in this post  throw extra  focus on the intrinsic value and the status of the constituent.

Debt  is an amount owed to a person or organization. It is an obligation to pay money under an implied agreement.

Latitude,  geographically is measured from the equator . It measures the angular distance between the equator and points North and South of it on the surface of the earth. It is attributed with positive values going North and negative values going South.

The financial latitide  ,is measured from the debt. At present , the positive results are apportioned for the  elite and snobbish.. The negative points are set apart for the sincere and modest .

Geographical longitudes  are meridians , which run perpendicular to lines of latitude,and all pass through both poles.A degree of longitude varies in size.It is approxomately 69 miles at  the equator. At 45 degrees it is 45 miles .It is zero near the poles.The degree and size of longitude  are in direct ratio to each other.

Over to the financial debt as of now, the quantum and power are in direct ratio to each other. The richest is the most eligible suitor. He can stretch his facilities to  any extent. His money power facilitates him to dictate terms, negotiate rates, dictate tenure , overide policies and overstep procedures.

As degrees of latitudes and longitudes can be further subdivided into minutes and  seconds geographically , the financial lines  can be classified as wilful and genuine defaulters.The notations geographically allow us to locate places quite precisely. The coordinates in the debt ratio help us to identify the regular and the irregular, the fraud and the sincere, the exaggerated and the exact , the pretension and transparent.

This attempt may appear slightly out of range and  an unrelated study. Getting deep into it we  can draw many interesting analogies , fine comparisons and similar surveys.

Geography is a science ,which deals with description, distribution and interaction of the diverse physical, biological,and culturl features of the earth’s surface. Financial  debt is a discipline , which concentrates on variables of  funds, risk and fair valuation.