Polling In India

India , is going through  a normal election spree.,sounds abnormal, as Indians are highly emotional and politically inclined,. Parts of the country  have gone through   a phase of tense polling. The rest of India , has  set the electioneering process  till May /13/2009.

Years before,  the campaigns were feverish, the ramblings were  loud, the promises were high, and the expectation was above normal. Now , there is no such combustion, no misty provocations, and very little anticipations, as the people have realised the truth, that  whoever comes to power, becomes a corrupt entity, a self conceited representative of the people. Mind the catch “self conceited representative of the people’. Selfishness takes the upper hand pushing the community to oblivion. The excess respect , they show, during the canvassing period, becomes a farcical cognisance after the election  .The material surplus they amass, the rapport they acquire, the power they grab , after getting elected makes them superhuman, that they suspend their animated touch with the commoner. They  postpone similar moderation , till the next election.

This ruse has worked out well for the parliamentarians all these years , till sixty two years of independence.  But this time ,the trick has lost its glamour , precisely its craftiness, People, after a deep slumber for sixty years, have realised  the gross deceptions of the politicians. ,recognised the impertinence of the elected Representatives, ascertained the cantankerous advances of the bigwigs. They are unusually keeping  a restricted movement. We perceive no high drama, hear no shouts of joy, experience no precinct of thrill and ecstasy. Everything is quiet,simple, calm ,and sober. This epilogue is a rarity, an oddity and a serenity unexpected , and unnerving.

Politicians fooled the crowd all these while. They can  play the fool for certain years , but not all round. The disillusioned Indians , had been a butt of the political parties confirmations so long. But , lately have come out of the frenzied world , with a refreshing facade and a reverberating jaunt.Their emergence from the cocoon of ignorance , and from the  world of vile ,vicious , corrigibilities , would place them in a pinnacle of supreme efficiency and  confer on them  an  elegant ethical emancipation.

The results are of no issue to the electorate. The hitherto rejected people will propel and usher a rule  of justice, a reign of impartiality and explore a realm of reverential cognito  . The Indian dream is taking shape . It will transcend  smoothly and traverse through potholes and bumps with ease and merriment.


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