Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Prying Mind.

The prying mind is never at rest

wanting to know about the rest

putting  over other things  far aside

goes about smelling  stealthily in all sides

trying to extract  from the deficiencies that prevail

intending to decimate the harmony that  is in a veil

with a pleasure sadistic it  works with a will

then intervenes with a cunning kill

scooping out the catch with a thrill

dissipating the peace and tranquillity that fills

releasing  trouble and pandemonium on the way

relishing the chaos it has unleashed in the fray

it sits back with happiness and excitement in the end

having gained a lot in the intermediary trend

both of having destroyed the opponent  cunningly

and having been rewarded with fortune seemingly

Well,prying mindthat be the mind’s inquisitiveness in full.










The Writing Tenement.

Writing-550x371I write for what I do not know.
I write what I do not know.
I write why I do not know
that being the status you know
I go on with my writing
penning pages after pages
pouring my feelings unbridled
coming out of spontaneity in the run
going with an acceleration in the go
never do I stop once for a breath
nor do I break once with my stress
but go on with my writing schedule
almost all time  morn or night whatever it be
there be no  crisis  or hindrance.
This  way goes my life all through
with fun and happiness through and through.


The Concise And Precise.

She being concise in whatever she did

being  precise  and  bearing concise and attitude

things went on well as prescribed

while people showed their gratitude

as she went about rendering service  great

helping others when in need and with great faith

her softness and less speech got misconstrued

people branding her as a  person proud

calling her  as one who walks with nose in air

the reward she gets for doing good to others

ends up in meaningless gibber and insensible gossip.

Unfettered by all these clauses and clasps

she passes on her service to those who require

that being her support to society in good faith

not thinking of the appreciation or admiration

which she would never get however true she might be.

The Mind Thaws.

The mind thaws

the body freezes

the ideas get stuck

the movements are arrested

with the panic hidden

I go about like a figure

with all senses numbed

nothing to seek further

nowhere to wander

I stand with a feel

I go on mymind thaws heels

with a flow interrupted

with a gusto tempered.










The Dog And Me.

It being a run not for life

but out of fear great to me

that would appear insignificant to all

Wondering what would be

you sit quizzed  for a while

knotting your eyebrows tight

it might be  ridiculous to you

but to me terrible  and frightening

it is a chase that took my life out

a barking dog comes  behind  me

bow-wow, bow-wow  it shouts

I  run head over heels

seeking refuge in a house nearby

while the residents seeing me so

have a hearty laugh  at  my expense

telling that he is a most harmless one

just shoo him away dog (1) with a force

he would turn and get away

that works out easy for them

but  to me it is a task

that takes the life out

as dogs are my proven foes