Laugh-The World Laughs With You.

Laughter  keeps us going

the lighter side of life

takes us through  in a swing

forget we the strains of strife

laugh we at each other

not once or twice

all through  with a romantic ardour.


The wedding at an age young

both of us in college

bitten by the  unusual  strung

a dependence on the verge

a way out from the regular

one day opted to dine out  for a change

an act of courage rather.


With little money in the pocket

meekly made into a five star  hotel

ordered a few in a speed of a rocket

our eyes met with a  mischievous twinkle

I touched  my hand bag as though it is a locket

a nervousness  shot up.


Had a sip of the corn soup  in fear

minced the naan slowly in  bits

both of us felt  queer

ate the food without a word

finished it grumpily being not our self

a time of apprehension.


Came the bill at last

butterflies were flying high and low

with a shiver read it fast

the spirit came back with a flow

the amount  very much fitted the purse

both of us  broke down with a laughter.


Hurrah! cried my husband in glee

he  paid the amount  with dignity

returned home with the mind all free

the happiness did not last long

as I revisited the bill  with diligence

a feel so much for  so little.


Again the mind started to nag

being the author of the dilemma

I smelt a conspiracy behind, a snag

the hotel has charged us more I cried

much to the chagrin of my husband

a quarrel started.


That being the tempo of our life  always

a fight, a shout, throwing tantrums

a swear, a curse and finally a treaty of peace

signed or unsigned you might question

it was more than that in truth

a pact for decades.


This could be a sample of our life

many more serious ventures

have pushed us to  take the knife

we looked daggers at each other for a time

came then an episode in a lighter vein

insinuated us to hold hands.


One being that of a project  commercial

tried our best to make it a success

being not backed by funds at the  stage initial

it suffered and turned  otherwise

he blamed me and I blamed him

a commotion unbearable.


Financial   difficulties crushed us  a little long

he tried to sell it at once

I protested and  continued it a little long

finally unable to bear his harshness I agreed

sarcastic he was as he said the words

“trying to get an old woman married”.


I became furious at first

enraged I shouted at him with all the might

few days after relished the test

the humour in it made me laugh for a while

I switched over to my original cherubic status

accepted it as a sarcastic humour as such.


Life is an entanglement as much

the husband and wife not only  tie the knot

they have to face and cross over as such

if fun and frolic takes up the slot

we could reach the sky with an ease

nothing is intangible.


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The Stone Having A Heart.

The stone remains unturned
It is been there for long
being thee in the same position
braving the heat and rain
none bothering to turn it over.

What lies below it no one knows?
Why is it lying there no one knows?
With that being in the same place
and being in the same position
lying there untouched being a mystery.

People pass through it paying no attention
Children paly around it considering it a huge toy.
Lovers sit over it talking for hours together.
There being a buzz of activity all around it
yet it remains undisturbed and unperturbed.

The stone has no heart or feel they say
stone hearted being derived from this reference
let that be true as found in the annals
but to me I feel it has a feel too
that has become immune to the trials it had encountered.

The stone being most patient and bearing
stays there all through watching the bustle
never getting into it for heaven’s sake
it being also kicked and dashed by people in anger
staying silent and calm in the scramble
illustrate its silent laughter at man’s ignorance.


The Dog And Me.

It being a run not for life

but out of fear great to me

that would appear insignificant to all

Wondering what would be

you sit quizzed  for a while

knotting your eyebrows tight

it might be  ridiculous to you

but to me terrible  and frightening

it is a chase that took my life out

a barking dog comes  behind  me

bow-wow, bow-wow  it shouts

I  run head over heels

seeking refuge in a house nearby

while the residents seeing me so

have a hearty laugh  at  my expense

telling that he is a most harmless one

just shoo him away dog (1) with a force

he would turn and get away

that works out easy for them

but  to me it is a task

that takes the life out

as dogs are my proven foes














Amused Or Bemused

amused.Getting amused over things
has been my way
They help me unwind
the emotional sway.
A light laugh and
a small grin
take me across
the stretch of delight
far away from the plight
of sadness and despair
which take place now
and then in everyone’s life.

Let me tell you
laugh with full heart
expressing pure joy
and exhilaration
demanding nothing
expensive and dear
but extending
tranquillity and
peace in modest
means with endearment
and solicitations.

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Time To laugh

Take time to laugh.

Laugh at yourself enough.

Laugh at your struggles tough.

Laugh at  your experiences rough.

Laugh at your foibles muff.

Laugh at your  own voice gruff.

Laugh at your wordy bluff.

Laugh at your smooth sailing surf.

Laugh at your  cosy turf

Laugh at everything in a huff.

It is time to laugh and laugh.



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Just A Stone.

It is just a  huge stone,

It is only a  shapeless stone,

It looks expressionless and prosaic,

It has a  long story behind it.

It has a history unknown to many.


The faceless stone has been for centuries,

It has seen generations of men,

It has heard them talk incessantly,

It has noticed them pass uninterruptedly,

It has  recorded confidential matters  silently.


The stone had been lying there for ages,

It had not been cared for by one and all,

Disregarding it as lifeless stone,

Incidents took place around it.

 Yet, it lies there unperturbed from time immemorial.


You could  easily set aside it as a stone.

Addressing it as a pig-headed bone,

Laughing at it with disdain and contempt,

But do remember if it is turned upside,

It has a whole lot  to relate that would put you to misery.










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A Swindle Over There.

A large swindle was up there,

Looking above it was sparkling,

The eyes  lost its power of seeing,

It was a powerful wind up  over there.


A great swindle was going on a little away,

Espying keenly it was amazing

The eyes got stuck up to a fixing

It was a gigantic sweep over there.


A top swindle was going on right before,

Reviewing the progress it was tantalizing,

The eyes closed  itself  to a  shooting,

It was a thorough plunder over there.



An entire swindle  was going down below,

Noticing the preemptive it was shocking,

The eyes opened itself to a  cracking,

It was an absolute devastation over there.


All these were enacted in the exchequer,

The nation’s reserve was looted,

Scams in various forms erupted,

Putting the nation to a desolate laugh forever.