Fun there be
with a tease and taunt
great be the haunt.


My Worth.

The days I have lived

should it be fair enough to say

the years I have lived

that sounds good considering my age

have been spent on nothing I feel

having lived like a tree or plant

No!  that would not be a befitting comparison

as they have given shade and yield

I have been through with no initiative

just eating and sleeping all through

doing nothing serious and practical

can I ascribe my existence to a stone?

Oh!  that would not be a proper equation

as a stone has stood the test of times

remaining patient for centuries together

but I am worthless than a stone  greatly

Well, did  you say only now you  have fruitcome to know

with a jeer and a smile in recognising my inability

Well, that mockery is not without relevance

as I had been all through irrelevant.



An Exercise.

Early in the morn 

it being an early dawn

with the silence all around

and a freshness in the ground

with  no sign of human sound

only  the barking of dogs in  a bound

sitting out in the garden

a place to unload the burden

talking to none  but to oneself

being a rare exercise by itself

which he  does with ease

making him free from any tease

rejuvenating  his memory well

keeping him agile in every cell.

None would like to follow

but  would be a sure allow

for all who talk so in the garden

without hurdles  in the flow.
















Played Foul

Having been through life in a most different way
just looking after my work with dedication
had no time to see what was going around
as being cast in such a sphere had no inclination
as to get through and beat the competitors
but natural as it seemed I came above them every day
unknowingly I became a butt of their anger
by ruse they denied every share of my right.
I went about with a tempered attitude at times
while most occasions burst out in a fury.
Neither my anger nor my placidity paid dividends
as I lost the entire share to those who played foul.
Years passed and I grew out of it with much difficulty
but now my children in their lighter moments
make fun of me saying with cheer and humour
that I never knew to ask anything on time
and could never achieve the rightful portion
Their jocular remarks do hurt me great
I ruefully disdain my attitude and disposition
feeling great for the loss because of my nature
the loss mother-son-teasing-each-other-17649951in turn finds a reflection in their life too
as the wealth would have passed on to them as by natural law.


Sunday Is Longer Than Monday

Sunday is longer than Monday.
my friends used to tease me
when my inner skirt stood longer
than the outer in a little manner.
Now, retrospective the days that have gone
with skirts and blouses proudly worn
comparing with each other the dress
pointing out that this pattern is superior
with the smocked blouse looking grand
making each other feel superb and inferior
that way of act brought tears
prompting each other to call
proud peacock Sunday and galloping horse
indicating the magnitude of pride
and the speed in which the words came.
Those were the days that still remain fresh
that can never be forgotten even after decades.


Turn Away.

Being a hard nut to crack
he goes turn-away-from-me-john-phelanon his way
living as he wishes
not tagging with anyone
away from society absolutely
very much away from habitation.

Well, the cause might be great
it should have a validity
as it is difficult to get on so
The reason might look trivial to others
but to him it has tremendous impact
granting a bitterness and a distaste.

He has had his trials in life
He got injured and hurt.
he was taunted and mocked
subjected to derision and defamation
leading him to retreat into forlorn
living all by himself in a cocoon.

A tooth for a tooth striking at once
and an eye for an eye dreading all through
has been not his way of life all along.
Shunning them from vision totally
and not seeing them anywhere anymore
gives comfort and solace to the injured soul.

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Just A Stone.

It is just a  huge stone,

It is only a  shapeless stone,

It looks expressionless and prosaic,

It has a  long story behind it.

It has a history unknown to many.


The faceless stone has been for centuries,

It has seen generations of men,

It has heard them talk incessantly,

It has noticed them pass uninterruptedly,

It has  recorded confidential matters  silently.


The stone had been lying there for ages,

It had not been cared for by one and all,

Disregarding it as lifeless stone,

Incidents took place around it.

 Yet, it lies there unperturbed from time immemorial.


You could  easily set aside it as a stone.

Addressing it as a pig-headed bone,

Laughing at it with disdain and contempt,

But do remember if it is turned upside,

It has a whole lot  to relate that would put you to misery.