The Cherished

The most expensive produce

I thought a decade before

something precious

it was wonderful

glitters and gleams all through

the one thing I deemed most cheap

liquid simple found in plenty

no shine or no reflection

a colourless, odourless fluid

transparent and very useful

excelled in the aspect of utility alone

a decade later I find a difference

the costly one still remains so

whilst the no cost product

has gone up enormously

most so in value all over

to the point I deduce

it is the diamond that is held high

the plain water has overcome

rather overthrown the diamond

defying all expectations

scarcity mounts up

the paucity creates a demand

most cherished and dear it has become

most cherished


A Fortune

The fortune Ivisualize

being not one of wealth

not also of prosperity

that every one wishes

but one of understanding

one of benevolence

that goes with a prowess

with an acumen

one being of skill and tact

a way to live in this world

full of deceit and scandal

relying on power and greed

a tone different and unusual

a texture altogether distinct

believing in skill and knack

that be the way  in particular

that be the  schedule in specific

as of how to live in the strange world.

Is it not a fortune that all long for?images (98)



The Classic

The choice is classic

looking very chic

with the outer frame not thick

while the inner  look  is sleek

grand and great it seems

lively and cheerful it beams

shining and twinkling it gleams

as it expressed a poetic seam

delightfully outstanding

an art piece to be cherishedartpiece

an artist who has to be honoured.




Played Foul

Having been through life in a most different way
just looking after my work with dedication
had no time to see what was going around
as being cast in such a sphere had no inclination
as to get through and beat the competitors
but natural as it seemed I came above them every day
unknowingly I became a butt of their anger
by ruse they denied every share of my right.
I went about with a tempered attitude at times
while most occasions burst out in a fury.
Neither my anger nor my placidity paid dividends
as I lost the entire share to those who played foul.
Years passed and I grew out of it with much difficulty
but now my children in their lighter moments
make fun of me saying with cheer and humour
that I never knew to ask anything on time
and could never achieve the rightful portion
Their jocular remarks do hurt me great
I ruefully disdain my attitude and disposition
feeling great for the loss because of my nature
the loss mother-son-teasing-each-other-17649951in turn finds a reflection in their life too
as the wealth would have passed on to them as by natural law.

culture Poem thoughts

A song On Culture

cultureCulture calls for vouchsafe
with a dividing behave
going over the states
on an unconfirmed dates
crossing the borders
with an easy order
overtaking the glamour
that get with it in a clamour
shadowing the contingencies
with diluted discrepancies
showing a concise uniformity
in a prescribed impetuosity
Culture is a reflex image
that brings out a damage
if not taken care of entirely
with an assigned formality
igniting the differences
with feigned references
would lead to a revolt
with an unforeseen assault.
Culture of a society
dwells in its capacity
to work together
and to gather
strength and unity
with a curiosity
ushering a flourish
with a lively cherish.