The Year Of The Monkey

The monkey year

one of love and dear

without  economic cheer



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A Part Of Me

The upholstery has to be changed

the curtains require a clean up

the house  needs a facelift home dear

the plumbing should be checked

the furniture is to be polished

the garden has to spruced up

the driveway must be swept

that be the thought every day

I roam around the house aimlessly

with a lot of thought in mind

might sound frivolous to many

as these are very ordinary

those who think of transactions

business in billions and trillions

of economy, of diplomacy and ties

these sound very idiotic and  cheap

I cherish and hold my home dear

I am too much attached to her

a part  of me rather in a way

the best part of me in an emphatic say.


The Cherished

The most expensive produce

I thought a decade before

something precious

it was wonderful

glitters and gleams all through

the one thing I deemed most cheap

liquid simple found in plenty

no shine or no reflection

a colourless, odourless fluid

transparent and very useful

excelled in the aspect of utility alone

a decade later I find a difference

the costly one still remains so

whilst the no cost product

has gone up enormously

most so in value all over

to the point I deduce

it is the diamond that is held high

the plain water has overcome

rather overthrown the diamond

defying all expectations

scarcity mounts up

the paucity creates a demand

most cherished and dear it has become

most cherished


It Is Very Dear.

Call it cheers,

Call it hears,

Call it fierce,

Call it pierce,

Call it tears,

Call it fears,

Call it what you wish

Call it what you may,

It does not matter.

As it is very dear.



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A Miss Out.

It was a miss out which cost dear.

It was a fall which caused a smear.

It was a slip of the tongue that prompted a jeer. 

It was a mindless cut that brought a tear.


It was an anger that raised the ear.

It was a danger that caused a terrible fear.

It was a provocation that invited a sneer.

It was a curiosity that called for a look near.

It was a wonder that instigated a peer.

It was a transgression that was slotted for the rear.

Always the miss outs would cost anyone dear.




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Another Year Dawns

It is going to be another year,

The stroke of midnight is heard clear,

Away goes 2011 in the rear,

In comes in 2012 with cheer,

Pushing back the recession of last year,

Setting aside the bygone days fear,

The year that passes off was loaded with tears,

An outcome which threw all out of gear,

An economic show down   that ran out near,

Upheavals that dethroned dictators  clear,

Wars  shattered the world to a sneer,

Storms ,quakes , floods battered  severe,

Man stands aghast in  turmoil mere,

Another year dawns  in the sphere,

Making him to eye  an empowerment in the veer,

Let he be  blessed with all prosperity this year,

This is the hope for all every year,

Many cross links intrude making things drear,

Yet life goes on in eager anticipation unclear,

This is the story year after year.

What else  do you wish to hear?



Wishing all “A very happy new year”!





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Oh My Dear!

I am very tired

Oh my dear!

I need rest

Oh my dear!

Will I get it ?

Oh my dear!,

I know not how?

Oh my dear!

When will I get peace?

Oh my dear!

I wish to sleep,

Oh my dear!

Let slumber embrace me,

Oh my dear!

Let me not wake up,

Oh my dear!

Let me ebb into eternity ,

Oh my dear!

Un noticed, Unsung,Un honoured ,

Oh my dear!

Not to be born again,

Oh my dear!

Will you grant me?

Oh my dear!

Please you should,

Oh my dear!

With warm regards ,

To you my dear!