achieve cherish easy late. Poetry

A Cherished Deal

the good is easy

the bad is uneasy

life contains both

essential to growth

as good grows

they come in rows

bad waters down

they commit a frown

except, not the best always

there is a case

where the good suffers

the bad prospers

this could be not real

it is only a  trial

the finality differs

the good is preferred

picks up the colour rose

the bad loses its hue

turns pale and leaves no clue

good achieves greatness late

bad grabs fame  not late

a sermon  this  would seem

I do it with a beam

as I undergo such  ordeal

never snatched a good deal

never claimed a bad one too

wait I eagerly for  a cherish.cherished deal

cherish Poetry transaction.

A Part Of Me

The upholstery has to be changed

the curtains require a clean up

the house  needs a facelift home dear

the plumbing should be checked

the furniture is to be polished

the garden has to spruced up

the driveway must be swept

that be the thought every day

I roam around the house aimlessly

with a lot of thought in mind

might sound frivolous to many

as these are very ordinary

those who think of transactions

business in billions and trillions

of economy, of diplomacy and ties

these sound very idiotic and  cheap

I cherish and hold my home dear

I am too much attached to her

a part  of me rather in a way

the best part of me in an emphatic say.