The fun of it all
being not in the real
lies in the perception.
of the different ones,
how to make the easiest
difficult, attaching an insignia,

The other day it goes
says the primary entity
with a feel of sensitivity
along with a guffaw, making
known his lack of knowledge

Follows the next, all too sullen
with a preparation to the fullest,
Expressing a frown
at the other’s light heartedness
puts forth seriously,

the third one is
still more thorough
hands over a schedule
presenting himself as an analyst
with figures and facts,

the last one sums up
well, this issue of conducting
a convention requires
attention and distraction, he
donning the moderator role perfectly,

Watching them plan, discuss
and finalize, I detect
a much ado about a simple
meeting, claimed as a convention,
That is how events take place.


Monsoon Sets

Flooding happens in leaps
and bounds roads remain
drenched, streets inundated
as rains pour in composure
neither heavy nor light
incessant and uninterrupted.

it is yesterday, I find the city
to sink in water, not an ordinary rain
but a heavy downpour
falling without a pause
water enters the
low lying buildings.

The cars float
like boats. the metro
stations go beneath,
water barges into low
lying areas., into the kitchen.
to the private rooms, debris
rises choking the drainage.

Documents lie soaked, currency
folds merges with water, looks
like tiny ships in the ocean,
cooked rice topples over
seemingly like offerings
to water Gods.

Expecting a standstill
I peek through the window
find the city breathing heavily
life teeming without a stop.
The undaunted citizens
i move on unmindful
of sun and rain, go getters
all the way, conquer the floods
which gurgles and flows
into the Bay Of Bengal.


My Neighbour

Spreading the arms 
above and beyond
the trees of my neighbour 
stand  majestic in the circumspect.

Peeking through the balcony 
they twist and squeeze in 
 the rustling of the leaves 
the knocking   of the branches

against the window sill 
echo through  day
 while the morn passes with noise 
from sources external

 the night keeps vigil alone 
  the  rude smothering cause 
 a panic, the heart races  
apprehension mounts

The unsolicited guest 
 stays put almost insensitive 
of movement, creating  
an indefatigable  palpitation.

Dogged  and  impertinent
 they seem to be making a mess 
of the entire balcony, the shed
leaves and twigs lie strewn,

 the wall look pale being 
constantly dashed against.
 My neighbour stays unperturbed 
 poor me!  I am victimized.



The flowers in the garden
expressing colours and variance
spreading fragrance and beauty

Those that go to make a garland
of roses, bright red in hue
the other of Jasmine, pure white
sensitize the beholder.

The deities stand resplendent
with flowery adornments
Weddings include a space where
bouquets stand out proud.

Garlands symbolize and synchronize
illustrating the unification. offered
to guests of honour, being one
of pride and celebration

Romance begins with a flower,
decorations exhibit flowery trails,
flowers being never partisan
make way to respect the departed.


Full Circle

The sun is overhead
working in glory.
My patio turns warm
unable to sit anymore
I go to the parlour, switch
the fan brings relief initially
soon the circulation becomes hot
as the humidity persists
making the place horrible.

Going further interior
I relax on the couch
switch on the aircon
doze off once it is cool.
Lasting for twenty minutes
the power from the grid
encounters a snap, heat
rushes in from nowhere.

Rising I walk to the patio
to breathe fresh air,
Back to where I started
completing a full circle.


Man In The Go

The sun and its radiance
being infectious, catches
the mood, It is happiness
that clings so firm. The
moment creates a flutter.

Enthusiasm is writ large
on the face, eyes unfold
like a bud and enlarge wide,
the lips broaden with grin
smothered by joy as fresh
as morning dew.

Tempestuous it turns
an expression of urgency
grief descends unwarranted.
eyes well with tears, mouth
twists and trembles,
sorrow overpowers.

Seemingly a semblance
of nature where sun and rain
out beat one another,
an hour long storm
and a momentous lull,
extremities attain dominance.

Nature and man are one
the primary controls the secondary,
in spite of man posting
a disguise and proposing a distance
the basic surfaces now and then
to substantiate the evidence.
with an emphasis



The goddess of learning,
the giver of knowledge,
one with abundant charm..
Oh ! Saraswathi
we invoke your blessings
this night on the eighth day
of navaratri.

Give us wisdom,
make us clever,
sharpen our wit
drive us to understand,
bestow us with charm
bless us with wisdom,
a plea from the depth,

Accept our gratitude
and let this day center
on thanksgiving.



It is that of a mood 
one of happiness. 
for a moment
strikes me through.

Writ large on the face
eyes smile wide
the lips broaden with a grin 
all too much visible.

The very next hour 
I stand a witness  to one 
much of a difference 
expressed so pronounced

being that of a sad stricken 
face, eyes welling with tears 
the mouth twists and furls 
sorrow overwhelms.

Could these be related 
to Nature’s vagaries 
one of sun and rain,
storm and lull?

I deem so,  man
 is a produce of nature 
 being close to his mother
 but posing a distance,

 preferring a pretentiousness  
 which he preserves knowingly 
deceiving himself  in the milieu 



It is a little before evening
a mild drizzle starts
a breeze in the background
love to run out in the open.

I do with an impulse
the drops fall on me
like soft petals, one on the head
the other on my nose,

the rest on the shoulders,
I shake myself gently
the drops drip one by one
on my chest down
to the abdomen,

my sari flutters in the breeze,
the hair dances with the wind
holding the sari a little up
I gaze at the sky with amour
it looks gorgeous,

The stars stare at me,
the clouds turn dark,
They throw an angry look
Apprehensive of a downpour
I meekly walk home.



A series of events
 one after another
 leave me breathless.

I indulge with a passion
end up with a suspicion
 that I call treason.

I never allow things to lie low
 frantic to grab them 
when and where they appear.

Executing them in a speed 
allowing  no interruptions 
 I pounce, fight and complete.

 I am turning into a being
 different from what I had been 
 the one soft, slow and gentle.

Circumstances have churned me
to become bullish, turn feverish 
the one strong, racy and rigid.