Groping In The Dark

A sneeze causes a fear,
cough turns a terror
fever becomes an horror
pain sets an alarm.

The most ordinary ailments
pose a danger. Man is
helpless. Never before he
dreamt they would transform so.

Sitting indoors with
face partly masked
hands gloved, frequently
washing hands with soap.

disinfecting ones which
come in contact, letters,
vegetables, fruits, grocery,
medicine, parcels, television,

distancing from loved ones,
awry of embracing
one’s own child, confined
for months together,

meeting none, disallowed
to enjoy sun rise, moon, shine
star twinkle , oceans roar, relish
the greenery,

the walls remain lifeless,
books turn a bore,
the much desired internet
entraps with a fierce clutch.

Dismayed he reduces to a skeleton
like self, groping in the interiors
a ghost of what he was
an year back.