It is a personification 
that I love, one of being 
exactly like a mother
more so as the age advances, the mother’s characteristics  grow more pronounced.

Not relying on others 
I take myself as an instance
where I find I turn like my mom 
both in looks and attitude. 
Way before I was a different 
from her in every aspect/

Is it the genetics that play? 
I am  unable to assess,
friends and relations 
identified the similarities 
first, I negated their perception.
saying they are wrong.

Of recent , while I 
cross a mirror, the reflection
 makes me jump, looks 
as though mom is walking
same could be felt  in 
the voice while  I talk.

Curious it sounds, but true
I am  a replica of her
in certain distinct features, 
but fall short of her when equated she surpasses in skills unknown to me surmounts in  exercising control.