It is a leaf, Mudukathan, we call it
known for its medical benefits
a cure for joint pains.

Muduku is one that cripples,
debilitates, an ailment
that causes terrible pain.

Athan is best defined
as which destroys
relieves the pain.

Mudukathan as the
name goes annihilates
the pain in a stroke.

My gardener seeing me
suffering plucks the leaves,
asks me to prepare a soup,

drink every day Amma
you will be relieved. Moved
by his concern, I consume

The taste is terrible, bitter,
My tongue rolls back,
eyes squint and shrink.

Nauseating, I contain from
spitting out as a mark of respect
to the gardener’s wish.

Holistic medicines have
awful taste. render slow
but sustained relief.

The bitterness remains
for long, goes down the throat
to the gullet.

Wonder, when it will
reach my knee,
and assuage the ache.