I Worry

A worry for nothing
followed by deliberations,
research, references
keep me on toes.

I google. talk
to experts, calculate,
condone leaving no stone

The apprehension nags,
becomes an obsession
anxiety. restlessness
exhaust me.

The day passes
with no conclusions.
Unable to wait anymore
I retire without fulfillment.


Rise And Fall

The rise and fall
beyond comprehension,
seen in many persons,
either in politics,
or in business,
deliver surprise
and shock.

The avarice appears
That of more and more
cause a palpitation.
How much is enough
and how many is insufficient?
Clueless it turns.

Assets over liabilities,
luxury above comfort,
snobbery being apparent,’
the run gains momentum
the young get enamoured.
detect fault in those
who are austere.

The rise is fast
while the fall is faster,
that which comes
from nowhere,
disappears into oblivion.
Enterprise should command
endeavour. Never otherwise



The genes, they say
play a role in species.

My gardener pinpoints
the exact trees from
which large coconuts come from.

Such is the stamping of the quality,
he segregates according to taste
and size. it is genes again.

On a visit to an Orthopedic
hear the term “genes”
as he examines my knee.

A reference to the family
more so to my father
who had similar ailment.

He concludes, “it is
in the genes”. I give
a wry smile.

Genetics is omnipresent.
I reconcile. Like father.
like daughter at least in this.


Remembering Abdul Kalam

What did we bring?
What do we take with us
finally? it is nothing.

How many of us understand
this ? Not many
I can assure.

We compete, confront,
enrich, indulge
with a passion.

He achieves, discovers,
reads, writes, strives
not to earn fame.

Does all these
for society. Dies so.
He is Abdul Kalam


Power And Wealth

Power and wealth,
equate and decimate,
take you to levels
highest and nadir.
exercise caution
else you are doomed.

Drunk with power,
one turns haughty
pompous talks,
irrational behaviour
come allied,unflinching
and unbreakable,

Stuffed with wealth
makes one irrational
contempt sets in,
vanity inhibits head juts over
extensions evolve
a cumulative disregard.

Power corrupts
‘while wealth destroys
each one predicts
a disaster, if handled with
rashness. Both are childlike,
like glass, need utmost care.


This Evening

This evening
I see the skies
follow the winds
seek the sun,
decipher the clouds.

Glad to find the azure
blue sky acquire
a tinge of grey.
Warm winds blow no more.
Strike pleasant,

The ever bright sun
descend gently,
Clouds gather in dense,
appear as if moist laden
move sluggish.

Expectations rise.
Overjoyed to
notice the droplets
falling sharp.
it is a wow.

With surging anxiety
look for more.
Greed grips. Lo!
Rains play hide and seek.
Feel let down.

Baiting with breath
wait for the rains.
The tumult in the skies
render hope. Wait
for a heavy downpour.


A Safe Bet

To live in a community
close knit is difficult.
Being sensitive.
been a travail
right from the day
I got married.

Fresh and just out of college
I was married. A girl in her teens,
I encountered a shock,
more of a cultural.The
entry turned disenchanting.
To sustain I had to battle.

Talks behind the back,
customs quite unknown,
comments rude, hostile
remarks made life critical.
Anyhow, I have to sustain
and I did with pride.

Watched the interactions
with an eye on details
drew flak at the
the behavioural skills
replicating an imbalance
between the word and action.

I stopped tagging with them.
Distinct and modest and
with a reservation, I go.
Never be too close
nor get too much far- the way.
I survive.


Anything Different, Anything New

When i see anything different
I want to implement at once.
Crazy I become, mad I grow
Search for such features
over and over again,
I do not give up
until I achieve the end.

It is a passion, a thirst.
never able to satiate.
Fear, the desire would
turn me cranky.
Try to get over the obsession.
Seems impossible.

It is an inspiration.
The incessant pursuit
to seek, to copy,
to establish occupies
time and day. It is worth
the toil. Cumbersome at times
but a delight most occasions,



A decline, frank as could be,
the son not wishing
and the age that counts,
takes a turn sudden
in the form of contention.

The protagonist calls
for reinstatement.
Allegations and accusations
come in succession.Innocence

Unable to confront the kith,
and involve in an embroil
with the beneficiaries, his
attack concentrates
on the one who is passive.

The convention to nominate
fitting persons to honorary posts
turns a fiasco as efficiency,
integrity take the back seat,
Manipulations overcome.

The mayhem that follows
crosses all dimensions.
He is mindless.
Engages in wordy dual.
Is it not impudence?


What A Tantrum!

A game, resonating
of politics, is played
with skill. Ordinary gestures,
like a nod and a smile
are painted red.

Rapport, reputation and ability
the fundamentals for such events,
diffuse. Conceit,money and family
usurp the pivotal roles.
Powerful always rise.

Discontent mounts. A family feels
left out. Another one silently
accepts dual positions, The target is
the one who did not opt for any office
Vicious chain of reactions take place.

Do positions indicate leadership?
Nay, it is the involvement that counts.
Anyone can participate, unmindful
of status and age. Grace is found
in those who work selfless. Not a trace
could be seen in those who toil for fame.