A Play of A Different kind

In my times
there were no Lego
Rubber bricks
shone in bright red.
The foundation slab
were thick and beige
while the roof tiles.
took the green colour..
Siblings took turns in building.
for a day or longer
by a week.

Built houses, auditoriums,
colleges, dams, airports
with great precision. We were
engineers, architects, and labourers.
A learning experience
filled with fun and diligence.

The structure disintegrates unexpectedly
A tussle emanates we abuse one another
pinch and punch, while vying to usurp.
Peace resumes when mom intercepts
A start over follows.

Years after, while constructing
a real houseI perceive trouble.
It is the workers who dodge,
the suppliers who delay, lack of attention
to details cause a slow down, a redo
rude exchanges, stay away from work
distract the progress. The pacifying force
is within, I calm down , end up
in a let go settlement to proceed.

Again it is fun in a connotation
far from the sense. Exhaustion
and the urge to conclude
take the predominance.
It is a give up of
ideas and visions forces
a compromise.

I go ahead, subdued.