A Safe Bet

To live in a community
close knit is difficult.
Being sensitive.
been a travail
right from the day
I got married.

Fresh and just out of college
I was married. A girl in her teens,
I encountered a shock,
more of a cultural.The
entry turned disenchanting.
To sustain I had to battle.

Talks behind the back,
customs quite unknown,
comments rude, hostile
remarks made life critical.
Anyhow, I have to sustain
and I did with pride.

Watched the interactions
with an eye on details
drew flak at the
the behavioural skills
replicating an imbalance
between the word and action.

I stopped tagging with them.
Distinct and modest and
with a reservation, I go.
Never be too close
nor get too much far- the way.
I survive.