Bemused to see make up women

with lipstick, mascara, foundation 

concealer, compact.

Looking at the way they carry themselves 

turns an entertainment. Blouses with 

intricate embroidery, deep low-cut necklines,

expose the skin, the underneath fleshes

 bulge and project. Provokes  

and detracts.

Not that I am averse to fashion

 I expect a modest, decent 

 and respectable outfits.

The ones that raise the stature

 that reflect your culture

 that command dignity.



 I am in two minds

 to do or not to do

 an Hamletian one.

I call, listen, read, hear,

as faculties turn sharp.

my heart disallows.

What to do? How to go?

 I cannot afford to be rash

 nor become a sponge.

I remain helpless 

like a boat struggling 

in the violent current.

The fever subsides,

 I decide to traverse 

the path least approved.

Hamlet within me 

escapes fast, knowing 

I am strong. 


My Eyes

 I receive a purchase order

 the writing is a scribble.

Forward the same to the vendor

whose reply is a scrawl.

 I hold both for a minute 

 scratch my head for an hour,

Wonder how did both make out?

 decide to test my eyes.


Indian Monsoon

Light, thunder and rain,

a regular feature of monsoon.

Rivers inundate, roads flood

traffic in chaos.

Schools, colleges announce closure

 office goers wade through waters,

Dengue, flu, fever is on the rise

 stuffed noses are a common sight.

Precarious is the Indian monsoon 

 some years heavy, some very slight.

 Marked by drought or flooding

marshalled either by famine or deluge.


My Daughter

Touched by a message from abroad.
Starting with” Million apologies God ma
on missing out wishing you a Happy Diwali.”
I stand speechless.

I bore three sons; never did I yearn for a daughter,
till I met this girl 14 years back.  We were drawn
to each other, a mother daughter relationship
on the anvil.

She is from a different race, speaks English fluently.
Our eyes speak volumes.  Once, her scream, “God ma,
God ma” in the middle of the night wakes me  I call , she
in a time zone ahead of mine, breaks  down uncontrollably,

My beautiful daughter, pleasant and affable, is stressed out. 

 Personally, she is not happy. mired by deceit and treachery. 

Ditched by her spouse, she makes good

of her days working hard to advance in profession.

Once during her visit to my place, she ran up to me
hugged me  tight, I could feel her body shiver.
Holding her gently, running my fingers through her hair
 I whispered, ” This will also pass”.


Every House

Every house has a cupboard
when thrown open skeletons jump.
which look mysterious,
when poked, tell tales

Every house has steps
some have very few,
most too many, Each step talks
high and low of happenings
which stumbles on a concern.

Every house has walls
made of bricks and mortar.
They echo happiness and grief
stand testimony to the embrace

with love and fights with fury.


Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse, partly visible

 but in most areas invisible

 occurs between four and five in the evening. 

 A solar eclipse, partly visible 

comes with a big warning 

asking to stay indoors all evening

A solar eclipse, partly visible

hovers in the sky mostly invisible.  


Diwali Message

Crackers burst with thunder.
flowerpots go up with a splendour
Fascinating to watch the fireworks display
the sky dazzles in the play.

Pujas in the temples release a divinity
aarti in the sanctum add to the piety.
Diwali brings in prosperity in the session.
Good vanquishes evil being the impression.


Bang Comes Diwali

colourful and delightful
Oil lit diyas shine subdued
spreading a graceful reverie.

The trend of the present day
 preserves a distraction, electrical
bulbs dazzle with such power.
 promulgating an ostentation.

The rich indulge in extravaganza
throw lavish party, buy costly clothes,
dine in high end restaurants,
to them millions are peanuts.

The in between engage
in similar style borrow heavily
to make the day noteworthy.
plunging them in debt.

The lower income group are in a limbo
 perceive the illumination with 

enlargement.  An undue sadness

 could be seen in their expressions.

An annual phenomenon
like the seasons, this winter
festival ordained to usher
prosperity pledges a penury.



Choosy of Food

testifying the meals by the ingredients
validating the place of making, scrutinizing
the utensils used, perceiving the hands
of the cooks, I refrain from eating.

Suppressing my hunger by drinking lemonade
eating a banana, helps me to sustain for a week, not anymore.
I yearn to get back home, to my kitchen, prompting
others feel that I am off my mind.