Anthem Of Grace

Seed grows into a sapling
grows rapidly into a tree
leaves sprout, form clusters
 the tree toughens, trunk
 turns thick, assumes
a darkish brown hue
branches spread
far and wide, a shady balm

Tree is majestic and magnificent  
reigns supreme, looks gorgeous
beneath the blue sky. Portraying
 a picturesque combination
of blue and green, Espying, I find
most eyes enlarge, eyebrows rise, lips
curve with smile, the heart
beats with a rhythm.

It is ecstasy I experience,
fascinates and exhilarates.
A solace lifts me above
being ethereal and exquisite.
Gazing at her steadfast
I recline, fall on the knees,
fold my hands.  The tree lets
out a murmur, guffaws
as it sways in the wind