My Manifesto

The first week of every month
when payments storm in
both output and input
the outflow pulls me beneath

while the inflow overwhelms
like a river which floods during 

monsoonwhich dries during peak summer.

Very much familiar with these nuances
as I come from a business family.

my mom used to tell me  
“no one teaches a fish
how to swim”.  I sigh almost
like a hippopotamus when
I have to substantiate each expense..

Earlier the outward was greater
while the inward was minimal
a semblance to the dried up
wells, wherein water seeps nebulously I

 minimize the purchase,skip 

the most required, my mom,again

“buy a fitting shoe, never 

opt for a bigger one”

As I grew in years I learnt
the art of balancing.
debit the giver, credit the receiver,
the only principleI remember till date
I pursue the ledgers, journals,
daybook, cash books, bank books
with the ease of reading fiction.

The blood that runs in my veins
neither allows me to reach
the realms of fantasy, nor permit
to seek the divine, The ethereal
turns elusive, the mundane
co exists.  I continue to wear
the business garb, no matter
how awkward I look.