Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Expansion.

The thoughts widen
when you see out
of your range
The mind brightens
when you experience
beyond your limits.
It might sound unusual
away from the norms
but whatever be that
the expansion is lively
the extension stimulates.
Go with it steadily
the enlightenment descends
with an illumination
that be the grace
that be the poise
which makes us better
than the counterparts.expansion

A Seizure _ Poetry.

Poetry should be a seizure
it should be a shake
it is a bolt from the blue
say many critics
I do not go by them
poetry is a pleasure
an expression of the mind
comes from the depth of the heart
loaded with feel and rhythm.

My way of writing is thus
might be a sober vent out
a sullen let out from the heart
that on the flow might be slow
makes you listen with attention
where you identify with the poet
slowly you lose yourself in his thoughts
that be the grasp.seizure of the poem
and the grip of the poet.

The Change.

The furlong is replaced
the mile is not seen
the yards have disappeared
come now the kilometers
that be for the distance
accompanied by their sisters
brothers and cousins
for weight and height
the width and length
get a new measurement
the change is the only thing
that be permanent
so we could envisage
another systemmeasurements soon
that qualify the measurements
with the F.P.S system
giving way to the C.G.S
there might another alphabetic coinage
appropriate for the new.
that be too soon
as we get bores with the existing
Change makes us revel and enjoy

The Long Week

The week seems to be long
with nothing to do all along
A visit here and a drop there
makes the week look all bare
The move is slow dead slow
there is no call to follow
yet I carry on with a gleam
a pretension it might seem.
It is so all in the mood
as there is nothing so good
I carry a load in my mind
what to do with it in kind
it is there with me for long k
keeps me in tension all along
Well, this be a lonely song
coming from a person wrongweek days.

The Reflection

The golden weave
around the sky
caused a heave
as the clouds sigh

The silvery clouds
move like a fluffy snow
as there is a thunder loud
which came down in a blow.

The twinkling stars high up
flickered in the night
the lightning in a gulp
swallowed the m in a flight.

The darkness was still
the golden hue has vanished
the silvery streak was not seen till
the sky lit up as though garnished.

The colourful blue sky
with the tinge of expensive complexion
looks now as though in a try
an almospale reflectiont pale reflection.