An invitation warm
to neighbours in the swarm
accepts no formmodi-baba-2152014


The Day Out

The mild thunder
the soft drizzle
the light breeze
give the day
a back up

The bird’s hum
The men”s talk
The animals shout
give the day
a start-up.

The rustle of leaves
the bustle of voices
the hustle of movements
give the day
a break up.

The still air
the dark night
the moon’s light
give the day
a close up.

That is the beginning
there be the ending
in a trial and error
day in and day out
goes the way out.



The Angel in Me.

The angel over there
smiles at me with care
calls me to her
bids me sit beside her
benign and graceful she is
appealing and gracious she is
strikes my head with love
pats me with more love
takes my hand gently
leads me to the front presently
puts me on the dias
shows no bias
I start my speech
remembering her teach
the words I do not search
they come out in stretch
eloquent and fluent as could be
that is a wonder to me
I addressangel the gathering
alight from the stage with no staggering
it is all the efforts of my angel
she being none but my mind in the angle.