An invitation warm
to neighbours in the swarm
accepts no formmodi-baba-2152014


The Great Ocean.

The ocean ocean looked calm
flowing without any harm
slow and steady in form
fish swimming in a swarm
the boatmen rowing without alarm
as the wind was not one of storm.

With everything working in charm
the tides flowing within norms
the sea looked beautiful and in balm
the sea front looked encharmed
the fishermen were listening to the qualms
and singing softly the psalms.

Sea, as always seen in unpredictable
came there a violent wave impenetrable
up it went in almost untenable
down it fell done all indefatigable
carrying with it all enforceable
fish, boatmen and fishermen innumerable.

The calm became a storm in no mean measure
with that gone are all the treasure
flew everything in haste not in leisure
that be the ocean’s unseen pressure
gobbling everything in a mouthful pleasure
well that be the act of the Ocean in displeasure.