reverberation thoughts

A better tomorrow.

Mumbai  has been shredded,massacred, hideously tormented.

The expeditions, gunshots.bullet and grenade dropping , the sound and fire, are reminiscent of a mini war .in  monumental Taj and High storied Oberoi.

It was an aggression with a difference, hotels as warfields.

200, innocent  lives have been lost.Trade delegates, a bank chairman and a manager,top police officials,  hotel chefs,  waiters, management trainees,and a host of customers  of the famed Taj and Oberoi, La pold .have fallen dead.

People have no faith in the government, in politicians and in the state administration.

We have to fall back on ourselves, rely on our strength.

The political ranting ,the useless governance, should be hit hard.

We should make a coordinated effort to activate the machinery .The top leaders, have done nothing to the country, but filled up their coffers.

Their petty in fights, their dominating arrogance, their exotic orations, their audacious paraphernalia have caught up with the media.

The hypocrisy should be out witted, their disguise as upright entities should be  torn, their goody goody image should be tarnished their ineffectuallity should be exposed,and their  circumvention to infidelity should be revealed .

These rugged  leviathans, should be shown their place by the people’s coherent attack, by casting their votes against them in the coming elections.

Voting rights should be exercised without fail, for that is the only weapon we have.

The power is within us , to make life worthy  living.

We want a safe , hassle free, pleasant tomorrow.


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A grand interview.

Interviews evolve  qualification.

The assessment of an individual is done by formal consultation.,which includes ,rating scales,self reports,personality inventories,projective techniques and behavioural observation.

Interview , encompasses personality appraisal, propaganda testing,public opinion poll and social methodology , according to Encyclopedia Brittanica.

A play school is conducting interviews for admission.

A 3 year old is subjected to such rigorous testing .

The child and her parents are called for an interview by the school, on a particular day.

Meantime , the parents give coaching to their child ,with such vigour and strictness.

The child is  compelled to learn the names of colours,to  decipher shapes, to identify animals, to count, to spell out the alphabets, to talk fluently, and behave like an adult.

The  kid, does everything ,as taught ,at home, but once it  gets into the school campus, it develops, a fear, ,a withdrawal emotion, gets puzzled,and makes a mess of the interview , much to the chagrin of the parents.

The child’s admission is a big question .

The parents  admonish the poor child  for its breakdown.

A child , is like a petal , when handled roughly, it gets dishevelled and disoriented.

Education should not be a compulsion, but a reverberation.

It should enlighten  and enliven both the teacher and the taught.

It should be an interesting programme, a pleasant syllabus, and an enthralling edifice.

Will the schools stop  conducting  interviews?

Will they focus on educating the young mind?

Will they refrain from  replenishing their kitties, by levying exorbitant fees.?

Formulating a Young mind , is an honourable task, a selfless service, a pleasurable experience, and a god sent blessing.

reverberation thoughts

Mumbai Unfazed.

Mumbai, has once again,come out of shock ,very quickly

Marine Drive , saw many walkers taking a brisk stroll in the morning.

Death is staring at you from one end of the sea.

Life is smiling at you from the other end of the sea.

Fire and smoke emanate from the riotous expedition.

Cheer and hope emulate from the courageous population.

This is the spirit of Mumbai.

Mumbai  proclaims that death and life, gloom and hope,hatred and love,hostility and amity,loss and profit,simplicity and ostentation,denial and agreement,gravity and flippancy,danger and security, are occurrences of daily life.

Nothing comes to a halt .

Nothing gets jolted.

Nothing goes astray.

Blasts, clashes, shooting, wreckage ,the most heinous of all crimes, emboldens Mumbai.

Stock market downturn, economy meltdown, business loss,insulates Mumbai.

Mumbaikers face all odds  with equanimity,as they are truly business oriented .

Every symptom .good or bad , means business.

 Profit is their motto.

No wonder, they  rise from each tragic compulsion with added power and extended  glory.

Mumbai ,the city which never dies, offers a new dimension to life, an illustrative philosophy. an endearing principle, and a chivalrous approach.


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Mumbai Endangered.

Mumbai ,is most prone to terrorists attacks, bomb blast. There was a seige of explosions and firing , on Wednesday ,26/Nov/2008.

Hotels, Hospitals, were the targets of the offenders.

Mumbai is still burning.

The imperious Taj ,is on fire.

The hostages are mostly foreigners.

The common man ,is at risk, to cross the roads., to go to hospitals, to  proceed to the office, to venture out to buy vegetables and grocery.

Children  are groping in fear.

The big question in our mind is not ,What will happen tomorrow? ,but what will happen the next minute.

Today, Mumbai has woken up , from its disturbed sleep.

Tomorrow , it will resume its activities.

Can we call it stoicism ? or shall we term it helplessness.?

Life goes on.

“Men may come ,

Men may go,’

Mumbai goes on forever .

Mumbai can be affably addressed as “No boy”- no nonsense boy.

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Memories Of My Childhood.

Reclining on my arm chair in my porch, I go back to the days of my childhood.

Half a century back,  really so long, I cannot believe, I cannot assume, I shrivel, I recollect the day I got to school.

I was lead into my Kindergarten ,by Sister Denis .

The KG teacher,  carried me aloft, and called me “Dolly.”

Sister Denis,introduced me to the class as Meena, my original name.My eyes got moist, as I bade a subdued farewell to my mom,who in turn wiped her eyes and walked out of the class.

I was a quiet girl, very reserved, and much caressed by my teacher.

I was good worker, a keen listener and had a strong memory.

These qualities  are still predominant, and I was a prefect of my class right from KG to sixth form.

I was elected as the School Pupil leader,with thundering majority.

At home, I was a child ,who gave least botheration to my parents.

The domestic staff ,in my household ,simply adored me.

 Now , my children have flown away from me, on pursuit of achievements and excellence.

My husband ,  tries to pull me into social activities and other worldly pursuits.

I dare not.

I wish to be my own self, away from the maddening crowd, unobtrusive, unknown, unfamiliar ,yet studious, serving society without much advertisement,spelling out simple, practical ,advice to whoever   knocks my door.

I wake up from my reverie,as the telephone  starts ringing, bringing me back to the mundane world.

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Maldives On A Look Out.

Maldives ,a beautiful island country, is in constant fear.

The picturesque state,surrounded by sea on all sides, will be submerged by water 50 years ,from hence.

Maldivians are basically simple people , who know no other trade ,than fishing and tourism.

Settlement of the entire population in a neighbouring state , is not an easy avocation.

Leaving the country ,where you were born ,is extremely painful.

To exit from a familiar environment, from a practised occupation, from a cosy home,from known people,

from exalted position, from comfortable fortunes,and from assured income,pose a depressing deliverance.

Next, to locate a place ,for the entire population is exorbitantly difficult and informally not possible.

The government and the people gaze at  the Ocean for a definite answer.

Man may err, may fail, may grope, but Nature will never let down her children.

Maldivians ,should not loose heart.

The great sea will win them a reward.

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Euphoria Fades

The stock market slipped as the rescue of Citi group became a back liner.

 Aiding Citi  is a bad precedent.

U.S. will need a bail out soon.

The nation will need  several trillions to keep it afloat.

Where is the source?

How is it going to earn?

Many  defaulted business will expect the  Fed to help them to come out of the blue.

A retrograde effect  is distributed.

Cancer ,is a deadly disease,which  spreads  fast, eats up every organ, renders the afflicted helpless., requires a harsh medication,subjects the patient to radiation and chemotherapy,reduces him to a bag of bones and  he succumbs to death.

Bail out  is a big plan , but the economy has melted too fast,surgery is not the requirement, amputation also has become unnecessary,as too many areas have been affected.

The crisis is ailing, as there is no  solution available to settle the system.

The gala scenario of bail out has lost its sheen.


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Citi group breathes in

Citi group is rescued.

The Fed has decided to infuse capital of 20billion dollars, guarantee of 306 billion dollars for toxic assets,government will take control of executive bonuses, and limits on dividend payments.

A best deal for citi , but a bad bargain for the taxpayer.

Citi ,will survive the present crisis.

But with its bruised injury , ulcerated wound, and contagious infection, it has to fight a losing battle.

A plummeted stock price ,and a defeated manipulation ,Citi poses a shrivelling , stifling ,shuddering


This will lead GM , to redo its reported application for bankruptcy.

Many sinking companies will  expect to find an oxygen mask,in the Fed’s move.

The scramble for aid is  an  exact antithesis for the credibility and citation of the  reputed companies.

Their image is shattered, their trustworthiness is questioned, their business acumen is a threatened, their pride is diffused.

The Fed , instead of settling in for corrective programme ,has resorted to supplement the  much risky alibi.

The inclination of the Fed Is a catastrophic determination .

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Wrecked marriages.

Marriages are made in heaven.

Marriage is a coherent, coordinated,relevant,rhythmic ,progression.

If there is a slight tug here, a different pull there, a weak sign of discontent, a predominant note of anger, a prescribed  report of shortcomings, an uninvited interference of the elders, a statutory reference of detailed proceedings of daily life to the parents, will jitter the sanctity of wedlock

Companionship and perfect understanding  formulate a successful marriage.

Trivia and snobbishness ruin the relationship.

Young couple should emulate a friendship devoid of egoism, selfishness,and possessiveness.

 A flower looks beautiful,when it is in its bloom.

It is best ,when not plucked,since its charm is experienced by most..

It is better, when it adorns a living room , as its grace is enjoyed by many.

It is good, when it decorates a bride, because it adds glamour to the person.

Wedlock is best when it is allowed to blossom.when it is left untouched by others.

The,  two individuals , who take the oath of marriage, should pledge to live happily,radiate joyous bliss,bring forth worthy off springs, and celebrate the marriage  embellishment

reverberation thoughts


I love fruit juice.

There is a limitation.

I love French Fries.

There is a limitation.

I love chocolates.

There is a limitation.

I love solitude.

There is a limitation.

I love music.

There is a limitation.

I love reading .

There is a limitation.

I love to conjoin with eternity,

Will there be a limitation?