The Evening Tea.

The lights were switched on
every  corner  was illuminated
 the garden became  bright.
The breeze flowed gently
 there was a drizzle
and the moon was posted steadfast.
turned out to be an enchanting evening
 We gathered around for tea.
chatting and chuckling.
 The table was laid with 
Crisp vadas
 sizzling   samosas 
Gulab jamuns and hot tea.
Biting the vada dipped in chutney 
 and nibbling the samosas
we talked  myriad subjects.


The recent election in Tamilnadu
 where a nonagenarian and
an ailing woman  contested.
How money played the trick?
 the manoeuvres of both
were exposed  in spirited speech.
Economics found its way
 analysing how  the bear and the  bull
 are  fighting   at Dalal Street.
Swamy’s dig at Raguram Rajan
and Rajan’s inclination to quit.
The movies and their impact on the people
 came up in a rush.Rajini and Kamal
  as college goers at the age of sixty.
Meanwhile, the table became empty
as we unknowingly have gobbled
 all that had been laid.
The night grew dark.

Meenakshi Somasundaram.

Economy In Jitters

Economy in jitters

so go the tweeters

China fumbles

oil tumbles

the European Union

falters  and falls

the Americas

go up and down

stocks fall

indices in fear

a  mayhem is found

could be a turmoil

similar to Nature’s

2015 saw many downs

crashes and terror.

2016 has  a start

looks it would  push up

not very encouraging

not discouraging too.





A Year After.

The marriage a year ago
where the bride and groom in slow
accepted each other in the go
after they promised to shed their ego.

They lived away from the parents
who stayed away from the children for reasons
yet there arose differences now and then
that went beyond any comprehension.

The girl did not socialize freely with her in-laws
she withdrew into a shell , that be her major flaw
refused any contacts with her husband
a character too firm to be bent.

The man wanted to preserve the marriage
he was unable to read and gauge
the attitude of the girl in a range
he camouflaged artfully the estrange.

There was no intimacy whatsoever
the girl lived on her own, a way clever
while the boy was confounded to loneliness
as no consummation happened without tenseness

The marriage has now hit the rocks
giving juicy food to people’s talks
the divorce finally has been filed
the relationship so far is pretentious and guiled.

The patience and understanding are not found
the economic liberty has laid a firm ground
the dependence is missing on the scene
which brought out an affability in deem.

I am from the age-old school of thoughts
where give and take were emphatically taught
economy never came into the family’s threshold
the theory stoop to conquer was the hold.

I lived so with an adjustment all through
annoyed at times furiously I flew
then softened down to the core without a show
that way I marked my existence in the flow.

My experience would fall in deaf ears, I know
as this era is known for the currency glow
where love and affection find no place
as there is a mad, mad money chase.



The Bright Economy.

The economy looks up

waking the people up

arousing the country up

lighting up the production up

enlivening the  society up

the jobs going up

the revenue shoots up

with that there is joy rising up

and a comfort settling down



Move Being There

The wheels move 

the legs move

the economy moves

the music moves

there be a move all over.


The movement being so imminent

with not that the world

comes to an end  and a shalt

full stopping the eternity.


The top gear in the move

being an inclination

going with a determination

for a progress prospective.


the gear being set

goes the move in acceleration

there be a break

then the setting collapses


That being the mmoveotion

the roll and scroll catch the flow

aspiring to become the top

ascribing a definite shot.


The ball in motion

meanders through all proportions

flying to the pinnacle

reaching the culmination.


The wheels move

the legs move

the  economy moves

the music moves

there ba move all over.




The Rosy Content

Th economy is fast growing

with a speculation  of great growth

which says that inflation is under control

the buying capacity has increased

and with that goes the vibration

wherein we see a stimulus

that has accelerated the growth

with the manufacturing on the increase

and jobs growing more

leading to a  dwindle of  the job seekers claim

heralding a growth of ultimate production

with the banks looking cheerful

and their deposits increasing

their rates still the same

the productivity all around

foresees a great turn around

growing not with pain

but with  beautiful content rosy.



The Economy Picks Up.

Ending up the day

with a note of gay

bringing cheer in the way

along with a lovely say

that being one of play

the economy is out of bay

as it has started to pay

setting aside its  lethargic lay

delivering a sparkling ray

promising a bright array

with a wonderful inlay.economy  picking


Moon -The Master.

The moon haunts me

with its glory and shine

never it is less than fine

waning and waxing in nine

a fortnight it grows

a fortnight it fades

a cycle so expressive

a scale of economy

with growth and fall

seen mostly in recent calls

a yardstick for man while living

flourishing and thriving

crumbling and deteriorating

found all through the existence

a denote to the world in a sense

which sees great movements

punctuated by rise and calamities

all in a cycle and all  very natural in entities

as the new moon gradually in

ascends and becomes full  in course

and the full moon equally in browse

descends and turns  nil in source

a way of life in terms of resource

symbolising rise and fall  in a way

with an illustration of the day

once every month  in a pray

and twelve times every year in the say

Could we expect  in all the influential swayNew moonhalf moonfull  moon

a better master than Moon ?






Freedom Manhandled.

After long years of freedom
the country is at doldrums
The economy is an empty drum
with nothing in the medium
while its people suffer the tedium.

The liberty is under pressure
whilst the officials in leisure
hold no values to treasure
as the politicians always measure
every thing with as much pleasure.

With that the country gets distracted
while its stature gets disabled
and its features become mangled
perhaps the servitude was better suited
than freedom which remains stifled.freedom at risk


Indians At Loggerheads

Went back to India after a long time.
Setting the house and sprucing it up
took a few hundreds of rupees from the accountIndian
in case I needed to buy things
as tomorrow being a Sunday.

The bank staff looked at me with disbelief
I knew not for what and why
coming back home my friend called
We had a long chat over the telephone
She said that a kilo of onion costs Rs 90.

She went on with prices of other commodities
where petrol price has been hiked
a litre costs RS 83 and kilo of rice 60 Rs.
and LPG cylinder costs 500 Rs.
Hearing nothing more I glanced at the currency I had.

What could I buy now with the money in hand.
I deliberated and chid me for being so careless.
The value of Rupee has gone down day by day
with the dollar going up and up
the Indian currency has fallen from grace.

With the currency sinking very badly
the economy getting near to death
inflation rocking high up reaching the skies
the Indians stand aghast at their governance
which has plundered the country to the most.

The opposition blaming the ruling party
The Prime minister accusing the main opposition
The scams and scandals that wreathed the country most
stand the tests nakedly and justifications clothed
with files lost and evidences disappearing.

The Finance Minister preaches from the podium
asking people to be patient blaming the Reserve Bank
while the retiring Reserve Bank chairman calls his institution
as a baby step organisation allowed to take few steps
piling one assault over another pushing the people to death.

The Reserve Bank Governor bids adieu a day ago
saying that if the Finance minister wants to go for a walk
let him walk alone in the financial abyss leaving the Reserve BMan MohanChiduWalkank
while the Reserve Bank would continue to exist protecting the rights of people.
Where is India going with everyone at loggerheads?