Move Being There

The wheels move 

the legs move

the economy moves

the music moves

there be a move all over.


The movement being so imminent

with not that the world

comes to an end  and a shalt

full stopping the eternity.


The top gear in the move

being an inclination

going with a determination

for a progress prospective.


the gear being set

goes the move in acceleration

there be a break

then the setting collapses


That being the mmoveotion

the roll and scroll catch the flow

aspiring to become the top

ascribing a definite shot.


The ball in motion

meanders through all proportions

flying to the pinnacle

reaching the culmination.


The wheels move

the legs move

the  economy moves

the music moves

there ba move all over.




The Day Rolls Out.

The day’s activities be it great or ordinary

takes one in a series of  affectation extraordinary

that of unexpected calls  in time not  proper

that of interruptions  at moments improper

gives a  startling feel in a duration short

envisaging a criteria   in a sort

have to go through them in a dumb spell

as if nothing amiss has happened in a tell

lest the day gets rolled in a disfavour

as the errands halt  without a vigour.

then comes a  fall back and stoppage

the day gets paralysed  with an entourage

the day-to-day schedule getting deferred

with a salvation not found in the  buffer.Twig_Vase_H





busy Inspiration Poem

The Busy Ant.

An ant was going here an there.
It was going round everywhere.
It did not stop for a second anywhere.
It was busy, too busy.

It was joined by another two.
All went ahead in a queue.
Wherein? I did not have a clue.
They were busy, too busy.

The three went towards a hole.
They caught hold of a bread roll.
They tried to pull it in whole.
They were busy, too busy.

They tried and tried.
They pulled and pulled.
They got it in full and fled.
They were busy, too busy.

ants in a line