crazy Poetry

A Crazy Damsel

Small things fascinate me

a rose for instance  enraptures

so do an ant

also a chocolate devastates

music in a likelihood intoxicates

and the ants in a rownature totally distracts

leave alone a poem or fiction

take me up in a flight

as I lose touch with reality

live in a world of fascination

you might call it an illusion

forgetting the role, I have to play

my daily life runs amuck

while I  unknowingly get stuck

know not how to come out

a crazy damsel all in the go.

Actions Care Experience Poem

Unabated Cry.

The babe was crying.
while the mother was sleeping.
Hearing the baby’s cry
the mother opened her eyes.
Rocked the cradle few times
to make the little one sleep in time.
The baby continued crying.
The mother unknowing
at the moment what to do
resorted to feeding in a go.
The lady of the next house
came in swift toes.
Looking at the baby close
she found a small ant in force
biting the baby under the nose.
Smiling she caught the ant red
and put the baby in the bed.

ant biting

busy Inspiration Poem

The Busy Ant.

An ant was going here an there.
It was going round everywhere.
It did not stop for a second anywhere.
It was busy, too busy.

It was joined by another two.
All went ahead in a queue.
Wherein? I did not have a clue.
They were busy, too busy.

The three went towards a hole.
They caught hold of a bread roll.
They tried to pull it in whole.
They were busy, too busy.

They tried and tried.
They pulled and pulled.
They got it in full and fled.
They were busy, too busy.

ants in a line