Busy Is Her Word.

Busy she is as always

runs here and there in ways

what for she goes?looking_busy_at_work[1]

no one knows .


Busy she is as seen

it is the way she has been

what for she goes?

no one knows.


Busy she poses

it being the way in force

what for she goes?

no one knows.


Busy is her word

it being an escape instead

what for she goes?

no one knows.







See A world.

The street I crossed through
seemed to bustle all true
shops of all kinds on either side
engaged in business of every kind
a hair dresser in a corner
a druggist next to him
could see a physician dispensing
the wholesaler very busy is in between
the grocer squeezed in an end
beside him issellur the mechanic
actively engrossed in his work
opposite to him is a house
with children playing
by the house there is a canal
through which all the sewage runs
dusty and polluted the street looks
yet life moves about in speed
Well! a street in itself is a world


Busy the Man is

In a meeting they say
whenever I call
comes a tone busy
day in and day out
it is the same
with appointments all through.

How could he be so?
always occupied
work does he really
or just puts up a face
I wonder
remain awe-struck
all through my days.

I had been active in my days
still active in my retirement
never once I had been so busy
meeting and talking
the more I did
had a few talks and fewer executions
that took not much of my time.

I had been different in a way
mostly had been relaxed
not serious of my pursuits
took every issue lightlydownload (42)
whether it is correct
I really do not know
but still I am so.



Having a lot of time
at my disposal
all these years
and had been never busy
all through my life
and wonder when
people say that
they are busy

Busy is not in my lexicon
as twenty-four full hours
are in my hand all the day
leaving ten hours for sleep
personal necessity
there is full fourteen hours
at our disposal. enabling
a performance in full bright.busy

Busy,the word
antagonises me
making excuses in its guise
hiding behind it
when not able to face
while actually the busy man
would be snoring in his bed
or else watching Tv

Well that is busy
in a way yes
keeping one occupied .
is busy to the meaning
fussing over it
while the modern gadgets
iPad and smartphones
add to the preoccupation
making ” busy” most prerogative.

Actions Experience feelings Poem sleep

Sleeping Is A Blessing.

If sleeping is busy
what else is not busy?asked my friend

Getting this thought in mind
wanted to obtain a find.

Sleep to me comes
when I know not.
I lie down in the morn
have a siesta in the noon.
take a nap at dusk.
sleep soundly in the night.
Work all day makes you busy I told him
Sweating and perspiring makes you dizzy.
Sleep all day makes me busy said I.
Refreshing and relaxing makes me shine.
Well that be my goal all through the days
and none need frown at me everyday.


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No Time To Answer.

Took a walk down the lane early in the morning.
Met my physician wished him good morning.
He said he is too busy to wish me morning.
A little further near the park saw my solicitor.
An active lawyer who holds my money as deposits
Asked him to discharge my deposits.
He said he has no time to talk about it.
Walking briskly towards the town hall
caught sight of my banker tall.
Rushed towards him to ask about his call
He replied in haste that he had called for nothing at all.
Made my way to my home wondering
How everyone are busy wandering?
Opened my gate with a click
my little pup ran to me and gave a sweet lick.
He is too knave to say that for him also the clock ticks,

busy Inspiration Poem

The Busy Ant.

An ant was going here an there.
It was going round everywhere.
It did not stop for a second anywhere.
It was busy, too busy.

It was joined by another two.
All went ahead in a queue.
Wherein? I did not have a clue.
They were busy, too busy.

The three went towards a hole.
They caught hold of a bread roll.
They tried to pull it in whole.
They were busy, too busy.

They tried and tried.
They pulled and pulled.
They got it in full and fled.
They were busy, too busy.

ants in a line