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Magnificent Inspiration Of 2015

Inspired by  magnificence  is rare

it eludes most as they do not care

well, I think high of myself

what way am I in real self

I myself do not know

this has been how

so I go in my own way  unperturbed

living in a world of mine undisturbed


Years have gone in such a stretch

I never sought  any inspiration as such

being an exception the year past

I was caught up with a one at last

she being a good friend of mine

a few whom I remember  in line

a leading gynecologist in a metropolis

whose friendship I long cherish.


I had an occasion to meet her in middle 2015

had to wait  for hours more than fifteen

am not joking, as you might think, whatsoever

I stayed with her almost through the day ever

a petite lady with a sweet smile all through

worked from eight in the morning to midnight through

she operated with  an agility in the early hours

had the very same alertness in the late hours.


My jaws fell apart with  awe  filled inspiration

my heart felt charged bereft of respiration

my eyes got stuck at the  beautiful deft fingers

an experience in itself even now it lingers

a genial smile lighted her face all through the day

she looked fresh as a flower in a way

did she eat I know not when she did?

did she relax I know not when she did?


An exuberant inspiration it was  to me

as I spend time gazing at the sky with glee

my life has a different dimension all the more

I live  with a contentment, unexplainable,  to the core

work to me is for a time and for a revenue sufficient

never could it override me whatever be the requirement

she would come out with a different engagement  I know

as I find her coat pocket bulge out with  currency   in a glow

could that be the cause for her undue commitment  I do not know.














The Fire in The Belly

The fire in the belly
Causes a feel really
To perform wonderfully
Perhaps an inspiration solely.

The imminence to act not found
The fire kindles an aptitude that abounds
Which is a motivation that sounds
Like a reminder in the bound.

With the prompt that is electrical
The execution goes almost mechanical
The result is magical
The delight is sensational.

The Busy Ant.

An ant was going here an there.
It was going round everywhere.
It did not stop for a second anywhere.
It was busy, too busy.

It was joined by another two.
All went ahead in a queue.
Wherein? I did not have a clue.
They were busy, too busy.

The three went towards a hole.
They caught hold of a bread roll.
They tried to pull it in whole.
They were busy, too busy.

They tried and tried.
They pulled and pulled.
They got it in full and fled.
They were busy, too busy.

ants in a line

The Placid Afternoon.

It is a  very pleasant midday,

The sun plays hide and seek all day,

The wind modulates gently in a sway,

Making everyone gay.


Sitting in the patio a while,

Watching the scenery in  style,

Anecdotes pop up from the mind’s file,

Bringing about a lovely smile.


It was enchantingly peaceful,

Extending a relaxation bountiful,

It is needed to stimulate the system in full,

It is an inspiration kindling the hopeful.