About Sleep

It is a sleep  that takes you long

an ironical interpretation all along

as sleep is one of inertia all through

where nothing happens mostly untrue

as far as I know fully well about the relaxation

sleep   brings in lot more  packages  in relation

with the fund of observations  in the track

that of complete  rejuvenation without a slack

with the body getting refreshed absolutely sound

and the mind  gearing up with a  force bound

proposing an empowerment of the body and soul

going greatly with a focus missing no toll.long sleep






Reputation In the Front.

Wealth oscillates
Goes up and down
with rise and fall.

Reputation has to be stable
has to remain steadfast
unless deterred wantonly.

Wealth and power
go together
hand in hand.

Wealth and reputation
get away in a bother
as they do not coordinate.

This may seem odd.
Might appear different
but it is very much true.

Wealth bring with it audacity
Power gets along with authority
finding a meeting point of alacrity.

Reputation is a quality
high over monetary
looking extraordinary.

Reputation is valuable
not financially
but in reality.

Relaxing not a wee bit
on reputation and fame reputation
bestows incredible credits.

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A Slice Of The Day

Late in the evening there was a mad rush.
The movement was so heavy it caused a crush.
The travellers were making a lot of fuss.
running helter skelter in distracted hush.

Clambered into the right train at last train

The train puffed and puffed as it moved out of the station
A pleasant breeze gushed through the window’s crosssection.
Sleep knocked down the eyes to a complete inert disposition.
The head nodded vigorously to the train’s speed like a doll in an exhibition.

An hour later the train reached the destination.
The commuters with their baggage got out of the station.
They made their way to their homes in utter exhaustion.
This was every day happening for them without any relaxation.


Inspiration Nature Placid thoughts

The Placid Afternoon.

It is a  very pleasant midday,

The sun plays hide and seek all day,

The wind modulates gently in a sway,

Making everyone gay.


Sitting in the patio a while,

Watching the scenery in  style,

Anecdotes pop up from the mind’s file,

Bringing about a lovely smile.


It was enchantingly peaceful,

Extending a relaxation bountiful,

It is needed to stimulate the system in full,

It is an inspiration kindling the hopeful.






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Gone Are The days


Gone are the days,

Of steam and vibrancy.

Of speed and enthusiasm.



Gone are the decisions,

Bestowed with sharp wit,

Frilled with tact and prudence.




Gone is the liveliness,

Endowed with smile and happiness,

Enjoyed with humour and rejoice.



Gone  are the inspirations,

Packed with reverberations,

Embalmed with fragrance.



Gone are the thoughts,

Loaded with  foresight,

Levied with insight.



Gone are the directions,

Leading to delineations,

Reaching the destinations.




Gone are the significance,

Gathering a relevance,

Promoting a reference.



A placidity surmounts,

Compelling a foremost,

Settling to a reverence.