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That Is Me

A piquant situation, I am in. I have been a staunch  follower of righteousness . I have thrown away infidelity that came across my way . Never bothered to turn around and look at them. In the milieu , I have lost tonnes of money but  earned a reputation as a tough person. It is a loss in both ways, financially and personally.

Tough , yes ,I am . True , yes, I am. Transparent ,yes ,I am. These three, tough , true and transparent go well with me. I shun display .I hate exaggeration. I abhor lies. I  play a second fiddle to none. I adhere to positive advances and admit my faults.

I was coaxed by , a friend that if I agree to certain unimaginable modifications in my  family business ,I stand to gain. I was pushed out of gear. I struck stiff . My friend called me an impractical person.

I was forced to give a voluminous loud applaud to one of my siblings,. I was flabbergasted. He is the root cause of all misfortune and why on hell, I should subscribe to his viles. Indirectly the bait was laid.They thought , I would succumb to their trap,but once again my fortitude took the toll.

This unfaltering  attitude of mine has been misconstrued by many as exalted ego , unassailable impudence, and absolute brash. Well . That is me.,

A Home Away From Home.

Part of the year in one country ,and  the next half in another country has been my way of life for the past three years. I really enjoy the dual inhabitation, except for the few days in settling down and a few days to wind up the show. It is really a sport. I have now fallen in love with the new land , I am visiting recently. The land of my birth , has a special twinge , but of late I am afraid of the people around me. The fright has driven me to the extreme of keeping away from all, and bunk into a haven of safety. Being a transparent, honest and straight forward person, the wiles , the gibes, the taunts and the appear so gentle ways , force me to withdraw fro the world . I find solace in my books and music. This hop to the  alien country is God sent and I revel in my privacy and my sojourns with multiracial entities rejuvenate my assailed ego.

I am learning the language , which is simple . I am  trying to cope up with domestic chores ,as help seems to be a rarity. I interact with my neighbours ,mostly in sign language . This brings in the nostalagic memories of my  childhood days, when I excelled in Bharata natyam, where bhava or expression took the forefront. I wish to help out my neigh bour’s children with English ,as I feel i am proficient in it. Then , my official duties take up little of my time ,as we both my husband and I are into plantation, which is less troublesome amd more satisfying.My hop to this alien country has addressed my effaced counteneance and provides a cosy niche to huddle along.

This escapade from my home town, is God sent. Retirement is to be in a place of peace, healthy environment and amidst good people. I am blessed with all these vital factors.

My retirement will pass on smoothly without any skrimish and deceit.

Air Asia

A  low cost airline run with great morale and grit. I flew in this airline day before yesterday. It was a perfect journey. The fare was damn cheap. The timing was ideal, as I prefer morning travel.The precision of take off and landing was fine tuned. The service was without any fanfare.

I travelled from Tirichirapalli to Kualalumpur on 23/02/2009. The checking time was 45 minutes before departure.I took an early ride from Madurai  to Tirichirapalli.Traversing the bumpy road  was tiring and tested my patience,as the ride took more than three hours. I rushed into the checking zone,as I was exactly 45 minutes from the departure schedule. I was allowed a 15 kg luggage , as the airlines feel excess weight burns extra fuel. A very apt information,that has to be followed every where. Metaphorically speaking, an excess of anything  either baggage or wealth ,or even so possessiveness drags us below, and makes unnecessary  bondage. This airline seems to teach us the most essential practicalities of life ,by asking us to carry less baggage. Less of anything is truly enjoyable and good for the system.

At 9.25 a.m ,the flight took off. It was smooth flying therafter.The crew came with snacks and drinks at regular intervals. They were very cordial .The plane was clean and a no smoking instruction was upheld. I had a peaceful reading for two and half hours.Then fell asleep. I woke up to the announcement that in few minutes we would be landing in Kualalumpur. The Captain made a neat landing . The passengers  descended from the air craft in an organised manner. There was no mad rush, no loud chatter, no frequent announcements.Everything was in order, in total harmony ,and in limited scope.

I congratulate   the CEO of Air Asia and  pass on my applause to the airline’s team work .

Well done.

A Land So Beautiful.

I know a land,

So beautiful,

With lush greenery,

Lovely dangling flowers.

I know a land,

So beautiful,

With gushing stream,

 silvery  shining rivulets.

I know a land ,

So beautiful,

With rising hillocks,

mighty reigning trees.

I know a land ,

so beautiful,

With blue oceans,

tidy flowing waves.

I know a land ,

so beautiful,

with pretty faces,

kindly  lighting cheer.

I know a land,

so beautiful,

With tall buildings,

Stately arresting marvel.

I know a land,

so beautiful,

with varied races,

swanky colouring skin.

I know a land,

so beautiful,

with pleasant weather,

balmy comforting  climate.

I know a land ,

so beautiful,

with excellent grace,

shimmery  stunning  forte.

No Job

In the world of plenty,

There is no job.

In  the world of bribery,

There is no job.

In the world of  deceit ,

There is no job.

In the world of destitution,

There is no job.

In the world of  frenzy,

There is no job.

In the world of impracticalities ,

There is no job.

In the world of terror ,

There is no job.

In the world of manipulation,

There is no job.

In the world of anarchy,

There is no job.

In the world of tedium,

There is no job.

In the world of frailty,

There is no job.

In the world of insight,

There is no job.

In the world of introspection,

There is no job.

In the world of  sarcasm

There is no job.

In the world of wilderness,

There is no job.

In the world of fantasy,

There is no job.

In the world everywhere ,

There is no job.

A dismal cry,

Rants in the air.

Education As Seen By Majority

Education is defined as learning of knowledge.It develops the human mind and sharpens the wit.

Nowadays education means something very lowly, very prosaic, and very dull.Education is allied with money ,not knowledge.

A teacher  has a low rank in society, though he does a yeoman service and   proposes a noble ideal. He earns less than other professionals.

A journalist has to slog , has to work unmindful of time and place, yet he is not considered as great as a software engineer.

An advertisement creative  has to burn the midnight’s oil, and break his head to keep up with the trend,yet he is not as great as medical Doctor.

A management graduate , looks into corporate duties, is the driving force of the industry he heads, yet he commands little respect, a wee better than the most original scribe and ad man.

An engineer , is high up the ladder, but now as software is into dusk he is no more Prince Charming.

A doctor of medicine , has lost his lustre ,as the commercial aspect has overcome the professionalism .

A science graduate  will fit into research which is not an enthusiastic  formula.

A mathematics graduate is an absent minded professor, always dreaming of numbers, but not currency.

A literature graduate is an imaginative person , dreaming of rhythm,cadence and poesy. He is very human in feeling ,so lacks the art of making money.

An agriculture graduate is remided of his plants, and trees, and  is close to nature , but very far away from the world  of finance

So education has been diluted to making of money.It has fallen from grace..

Stanford Stammers.

Heard of gangsters. But  not banksters.. Let us call, this particular gangster, as William Baltimore Sit up ,who,has to encounter difficulties and physical strain to indulge in burglary. His loot is  a wholesome amount , or some valuable jewellery,or  a certain expensive material. If caught , his life is at risk . His procedure should be carried out in the thick of the night ,by breaking open the doors, by negotiating with the watch dogs, and  by bashing the security personnel.He can have  brief play with the robbed wealth and revel in  limited comfort. All goes well , until his stolen goods last, until he escapes the attention of the public and police.His theft will be around $8000 -$80000.

But Our friend , Robert Allen Stanford and three of his companies have defrauded investors in an $8 billion certificates of deposit scheme.He and his family have “perpetrated massive fraud based on false promises and fabricated historical return data to  prey on investors”.This silent plodder is the grandson  of Lodis B. Stanford, who started The Stanford Insurance company, in the midst of Great Depression. Now , his grandson  has amassed $8 billion in the midst of Great world wide Economic melt down.

Shall we praise the Granddad or  eulogise the Grandson?

Robert Allen Stanford ,is the first American to be knighted by the British commonwealth nation and was appointed Knight commander to the Most Distinguished Order Of The Nation.He is a philanthropist,a keen sports promoter,a cricket fanatic, educationist,conducts research projects and runs St Jude’s hospital for children.

Charity begins at home ,is the common saying. Fraud and deceit originate from home and as a cover up to these ruthless deeds ,charity is planted forcibly elsewhere.  

Incidentally the motto of Stanford is Hard work,Clear vision and value for the Client.

His hard work is manifested in drawing schemes , in cheating the investors and duping them of their hard earned money.

His clear vision is visible in his modus operandi, by serving false promises and  proposing unimaginary returns .

His value for the client , is best exhibited  in  theat he produces returns that are simply too good to be true.His bank does not operate like a standard bank.The SIB ‘s documents show scant details on  how the bank has acheieved these returns.

He took care of his motto, but the greedy investors misunderstood the whole concept and stand fooled,.