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How Rich Are You?

A question of centuries remains unanswered.A query put forth to all generations  has  bore no result. An introspection, which makes one dizzy and swaggering at the same time.

“Rich ” is a relative word. It is not confined to certain refractions and condensations.It is a beautiful word that brings with it a systematic revelation and a meritorious expression.

A man may be called rich. A culture can be termed rich. A society can be addressed rich. A presentation can be ascribed as rich. An architectural marvel can be conferred the degree of rich. Nature in all its beauty can be acclaimed as rich.

Unfortunately , we direct our mind to money ,when we think of the word rich. This tracking of money poses a distaste and a nauseating experience.A man can be looked up as rich , if he reigns supreme in all attributes and qualities that go up to make the personality , the denouement of his character.

The question comes back now. Let us try to answer it in a cryptic manner. Impressive looks, not essentailly fair and with aquiline features, but with an arresting exterior, a royal stance, lively eyes and a benign smile ,make up a winning cheer. A straight forward approach, a transparent transaction, a justified perception,an affable speech and a smothering care ,create a enchanted glory.Last  comes the financial aspect. This back up is essential to keep going, to survive in this treacherous world.. We can thus classify a rich person from the rest.

At this economical gloom or melt down, we find the  depletion of monetary rich. The funds invested two years back  has been eroded, Only a bare skeleton of the pampered flesh remains as a residue.Statements of their investments  show a  negative trend. The supposed wealth is a result of someone’s imagination. may be a fund manager.We are in a painful epoch , a slandering pithole.

The query ,again becomes out of context, out of thought and out of proportion. Measuring rich by mercenary should be kept out .

Infection Tremendous

Infection is a terrible word. It connotes the detrimental colonization of host organism by foreign species.There are umpteen infections which terrify us.Chest infection, lung infection, viral infection,urinary infection,,blood infection are some of the common pathological viruses that affect the normal man.These infections  affect the physical  stability .

The mental composure is also susceptible to certain infections.The  body inconvenience can be cured by dosage of medicine and corrective surgery. The equilibrium of mind  undergoes a difficult illusion ,if it is attacked by emotions-either good or bad. Happiness  embraces the being and  the balance is tilted forward. Sorrow  engulfs the mortal and the neutral position is pushed backward. Happiness and Sorrow are two generalised terms that compound many more abstract feelings and sensibilities.

These palpitations agitate the mind both eventfully and erroneously.The result is one of cohesive progression or contemplated deterioration of the mind. The hallucination leads to a break down and disintegration  of human status. The sudden upheaval throws the mind out of control and drives it to projected eccentricity.

This highly irreversible impact crystallises into lunacy or in all its force into an radical debacle of deformation.. The handicapped  symptom paralyses the mind and leads into a mental fiasco and falsification of the maturity.

There is no prescribed drugs for this illness. A constant usage of tranquillisers ,keep the mind  at temporary inertia.As soon as the power of the drug fades away, again the frothing takes effect. These are, but  transitory applications. Seeking a permanent solution , is the exact  effort to which we have to apply our mind and do research.

Practising a never say die attitude, taking everything as it comes, ignoring humiliations and insults, and  shooting out then and there  when faced with oddities are some of the essential co ordinations that we have to adhere.Bottling up emotions and controlling tempers have a devastating effect on the human mind. These have to be carefully avoided.


Tolerance Negative.

Tolerance is a negative virtue. We come out with advices, with preachings about the quality of Tolerance. We emphasise ,that this quality is essential for each individual , as  it leads to harmony.

Getting deep into the world at large, and perceiving the deceit and treachery around us, this virtue seems to be out dated.

In yore, when there was peace and contentment, adjustment and accommodation, love and friendship, tolerance was a priced enterprise. Today, we find brothers cheating brothers, parents being partial to the children, governance favouring the elite, authorities expounding rashness, audacity ruling the regiment, and conceit magnified in all expositions, endurance cannot be located.

If the age old  principle of tolerance is practised , we will  land ourselves in a wretched platform and fall on  deep connived ambush.Manipulations, and scheming are in great demand. Perfidy and selfish dogmas take the pride of place.Venom and lust overwhelm the rapport. Stinking qualities appear predominant.Excellent ,blooming selections are lost in the milieu.

As such , if we remain silent and sullen, the fierce wave of snobbery and  nauseating furore of fermenting wrath would displace the virtuous and prohibit the genuine from coming up in life.

Great care and eventual attention should be put forth to bring about coordination . Restraining reaction will endeavour much harm and solicit great risk at the wake of any uproar.

Strike Back

When someone provokes you,

Strike back.

When someone humiliates you,

Strike back.

When someone mocks at you ,

Strike back.

When someone scorns at you,

Strike back.

When someone cheats you,

Strike back.

When someone lets you down,

Strike back.

When someone speaks ill of you,

Strike back.

When someone talks at the back of you,

Strike back.

When someone bullies you,

Strike back.

When someone belies you,

Strike back.

When someone oppresses you,

Strike back.

When someone throws at you in rage,

Strike back.

If not , you will end up ,

In a tight spot.

In Digression

Digression  is turning aside,  is a diversion from the main highway,and  deflection from the goal.

The world is in digression. It is clueless. It is unaware of where it is heading too. The dilemma is a  specific issue ,which is depressing the community at large.

The politicians speak emphatically but deviate from the prescribed path. Their harangue is dubious. Apparent relevance is something that deluges the mind , but in depth confirmation is practically nil.

The bureaucrats eloquence is highly impressive , but virtually lead us nowhere.Their policies seem to be informative externally but carry no sense when read deep through.

The education imparted looks to be of high calibre , and extremely knowledgeable,The prescribed syllabus feign favourable quality , but in real it is  worthless symptom of renewed stimulus., most unwarranted for employment.

The industry professes exceptional growth and valued provisions. The charged progress is but a pretension of the manifested promotion. The fraudulent and greed find an enviable stature in the world of commerce.

The professional set up , comprising of auditors, doctors, solicitors, engineers and teachers are placed in top slot by the society. The decorum they profess, and the registry they maintain talk  ill  of their guarantees.

The family background , the nerve centre of the society looks solemn and sober. The protagonists of the martial made up ,distract their partners, by belittling the proposed norms and disallowing tolerance.

The adult stage ,the most vulnerable formation of life,sounds agog with enjoyment and vigour. The assailable age undergoes a shocking severity and a jolting composure by its extra exposure to the much available addictions.

The wandering from the approved suggestions, and addressed refinements push the global reflections into a detested , demeaning reservoir.

Story of Raju -A Fairy Tale

A few months back there was a man  who lived like a  Maharajah?  His  style of living excelled the designation of the Emperor of all Emperors.

He  still owns 66 palatial bungalows all over the world. – short of 34 to make a hundred..

He has 1000 suits in his wardrobe—What for?

He has 321 pairs of shoes——-  but has  only two feet.

He has a retinue of cars  ————-may be uncountable.

He has donated 2 tonnes of gold to various temples—-2000 kilograms , a meagre weight for His Excellency Ramalinga Raju , Maharaja of  Satyam.

Rewinding the scene , back to the 1980’s Ramalinga Raju was a man with  very limited means. He was just another Indian , whom you meet across the street, whom you encounter in the cross roads, and whom you ignore as a passerby.

Raju become a Raja  overnight.He took grounds and built an outsourcing company with shareholder’s money. He made geometric progressions . He  worked out stupendous  business. He kept  the stake holders in the best of humour. He paid them well. They put in their hard earned money into his Satyam computer. They were bewitched by his charm. They were happy with his performance. They further invested in his company. His company grew, so did his personality. His company flourished, so did his wealth. His company spread its wings, so did his rapport. His company rose to the top slot, so did he. He became an Emperor of  the empire built with ordinary people’s funds. 

His rise is amazing. His wealth is alarming. His wardrobe is stunning. His collection of shoes is amusing. His donation to temples is stupefying.His manipulation is extremely disturbing.

His manoeuvre of accounts, his fudging  of details, his rigging of documents, and his sudden disclosure of his misappropriation ,all baffle us and make us gape with an unbelievable stigma.

They lived happily everafter is the normal ending of every faiiry tale.But this particular fairy tale has a different conclusion. Raju and his brother are  behind the bars and will live happily hereafter there.




Transfer of Debts.

Banking regulations did not allow for trading in debt. This is the Gujarat High court  judgement.

Banks cannot  trade transfer or purchase a pool of non performing asset or bad debt.Thus securitisation loses its meaning. Debt cannot be transferred without the borrower  being  party of the transaction.The court has researched in depth and found out that under section 6 trading in debt is not within the purview of banking company.  The impact is wholesome . The banks cannot ,hereafter simply shed their debt box as dry leaves fall from the tree. They have to carry the bag with them.

Is a loan item of the borrower an asset of a bank or debt of a bank?This has to be studied carefully. From a layman’s point of view the loan of a borrower is a debt not an asset. But the bank’s term the faltering companies as Non performing asset. The situation is little peculiar . How can the banks address a loan as an asset?. So far we have blindly followed the bank’s regulations, The judgement of the Gujarat High court is an eye opener. This will have a retrospective effect too.

Selling a debt to Asset Reconstruction Company will also have a similar reference . The ARCIL is a company formemed by different banks, Its regulations and rules ,as found in their Memorandum ,will also definitely reflect the distinctions as found in Bank’s strictures.

The Supreme court can set aside the judgement, but the ruling of the Gujarat High court is an evolution of a thorough analysis of the laws and formulas that govern the financial institutions.

If the judgement is upheld by the Supreme Court of India, then the entire scenario of Non performing Assets under the DRT, under Securitisation (SARFESI ACT)  wil produce a remarkable challenge to the banks autocratic behaviour. It will a stimulate the depressed industrial dogma , and rejuvenate the dishevelled manufacturing premium .

Times change.  Rules get modified. Profiles undergo moderation. Perceptions get altered. But  true Judgements provide a certainity and a memorable requisite and a required respite.