Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

Infection Tremendous

Infection is a terrible word. It connotes the detrimental colonization of host organism by foreign species.There are umpteen infections which terrify us.Chest infection, lung infection, viral infection,urinary infection,,blood infection are some of the common pathological viruses that affect the normal man.These infections  affect the physical  stability .

The mental composure is also susceptible to certain infections.The  body inconvenience can be cured by dosage of medicine and corrective surgery. The equilibrium of mind  undergoes a difficult illusion ,if it is attacked by emotions-either good or bad. Happiness  embraces the being and  the balance is tilted forward. Sorrow  engulfs the mortal and the neutral position is pushed backward. Happiness and Sorrow are two generalised terms that compound many more abstract feelings and sensibilities.

These palpitations agitate the mind both eventfully and erroneously.The result is one of cohesive progression or contemplated deterioration of the mind. The hallucination leads to a break down and disintegration  of human status. The sudden upheaval throws the mind out of control and drives it to projected eccentricity.

This highly irreversible impact crystallises into lunacy or in all its force into an radical debacle of deformation.. The handicapped  symptom paralyses the mind and leads into a mental fiasco and falsification of the maturity.

There is no prescribed drugs for this illness. A constant usage of tranquillisers ,keep the mind  at temporary inertia.As soon as the power of the drug fades away, again the frothing takes effect. These are, but  transitory applications. Seeking a permanent solution , is the exact  effort to which we have to apply our mind and do research.

Practising a never say die attitude, taking everything as it comes, ignoring humiliations and insults, and  shooting out then and there  when faced with oddities are some of the essential co ordinations that we have to adhere.Bottling up emotions and controlling tempers have a devastating effect on the human mind. These have to be carefully avoided.