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Stanford Stammers.

Heard of gangsters. But  not banksters.. Let us call, this particular gangster, as William Baltimore Sit up ,who,has to encounter difficulties and physical strain to indulge in burglary. His loot is  a wholesome amount , or some valuable jewellery,or  a certain expensive material. If caught , his life is at risk . His procedure should be carried out in the thick of the night ,by breaking open the doors, by negotiating with the watch dogs, and  by bashing the security personnel.He can have  brief play with the robbed wealth and revel in  limited comfort. All goes well , until his stolen goods last, until he escapes the attention of the public and police.His theft will be around $8000 -$80000.

But Our friend , Robert Allen Stanford and three of his companies have defrauded investors in an $8 billion certificates of deposit scheme.He and his family have “perpetrated massive fraud based on false promises and fabricated historical return data to  prey on investors”.This silent plodder is the grandson  of Lodis B. Stanford, who started The Stanford Insurance company, in the midst of Great Depression. Now , his grandson  has amassed $8 billion in the midst of Great world wide Economic melt down.

Shall we praise the Granddad or  eulogise the Grandson?

Robert Allen Stanford ,is the first American to be knighted by the British commonwealth nation and was appointed Knight commander to the Most Distinguished Order Of The Nation.He is a philanthropist,a keen sports promoter,a cricket fanatic, educationist,conducts research projects and runs St Jude’s hospital for children.

Charity begins at home ,is the common saying. Fraud and deceit originate from home and as a cover up to these ruthless deeds ,charity is planted forcibly elsewhere.  

Incidentally the motto of Stanford is Hard work,Clear vision and value for the Client.

His hard work is manifested in drawing schemes , in cheating the investors and duping them of their hard earned money.

His clear vision is visible in his modus operandi, by serving false promises and  proposing unimaginary returns .

His value for the client , is best exhibited  in  theat he produces returns that are simply too good to be true.His bank does not operate like a standard bank.The SIB ‘s documents show scant details on  how the bank has acheieved these returns.

He took care of his motto, but the greedy investors misunderstood the whole concept and stand fooled,.

How Rich Are You?

A question of centuries remains unanswered.A query put forth to all generations  has  bore no result. An introspection, which makes one dizzy and swaggering at the same time.

“Rich ” is a relative word. It is not confined to certain refractions and condensations.It is a beautiful word that brings with it a systematic revelation and a meritorious expression.

A man may be called rich. A culture can be termed rich. A society can be addressed rich. A presentation can be ascribed as rich. An architectural marvel can be conferred the degree of rich. Nature in all its beauty can be acclaimed as rich.

Unfortunately , we direct our mind to money ,when we think of the word rich. This tracking of money poses a distaste and a nauseating experience.A man can be looked up as rich , if he reigns supreme in all attributes and qualities that go up to make the personality , the denouement of his character.

The question comes back now. Let us try to answer it in a cryptic manner. Impressive looks, not essentailly fair and with aquiline features, but with an arresting exterior, a royal stance, lively eyes and a benign smile ,make up a winning cheer. A straight forward approach, a transparent transaction, a justified perception,an affable speech and a smothering care ,create a enchanted glory.Last  comes the financial aspect. This back up is essential to keep going, to survive in this treacherous world.. We can thus classify a rich person from the rest.

At this economical gloom or melt down, we find the  depletion of monetary rich. The funds invested two years back  has been eroded, Only a bare skeleton of the pampered flesh remains as a residue.Statements of their investments  show a  negative trend. The supposed wealth is a result of someone’s imagination. may be a fund manager.We are in a painful epoch , a slandering pithole.

The query ,again becomes out of context, out of thought and out of proportion. Measuring rich by mercenary should be kept out .