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Air Asia

A  low cost airline run with great morale and grit. I flew in this airline day before yesterday. It was a perfect journey. The fare was damn cheap. The timing was ideal, as I prefer morning travel.The precision of take off and landing was fine tuned. The service was without any fanfare.

I travelled from Tirichirapalli to Kualalumpur on 23/02/2009. The checking time was 45 minutes before departure.I took an early ride from Madurai  to Tirichirapalli.Traversing the bumpy road  was tiring and tested my patience,as the ride took more than three hours. I rushed into the checking zone,as I was exactly 45 minutes from the departure schedule. I was allowed a 15 kg luggage , as the airlines feel excess weight burns extra fuel. A very apt information,that has to be followed every where. Metaphorically speaking, an excess of anything  either baggage or wealth ,or even so possessiveness drags us below, and makes unnecessary  bondage. This airline seems to teach us the most essential practicalities of life ,by asking us to carry less baggage. Less of anything is truly enjoyable and good for the system.

At 9.25 a.m ,the flight took off. It was smooth flying therafter.The crew came with snacks and drinks at regular intervals. They were very cordial .The plane was clean and a no smoking instruction was upheld. I had a peaceful reading for two and half hours.Then fell asleep. I woke up to the announcement that in few minutes we would be landing in Kualalumpur. The Captain made a neat landing . The passengers  descended from the air craft in an organised manner. There was no mad rush, no loud chatter, no frequent announcements.Everything was in order, in total harmony ,and in limited scope.

I congratulate   the CEO of Air Asia and  pass on my applause to the airline’s team work .

Well done.