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A Disappearance

If appearances are  deceptive,

Then disappearances are a reality,

As we feign and act,

So we escape and perform,

Leaving an illusion  ,

By processing a virtuosity,

Registering a viability,

By  implying a facility,

Trying to instil,

A melodramatic skill,

That leads to a cynical,

Extraneous insignificance,

Mustering a  courageous valour,

In the pretext of a social vibe,

Which directs to a delinquency,

Of an  acclaimed  honour,

Reversing the trend of discipline ,

To a  gross   rowdy,

Preparing the grounds of legality,

To approve the illicit imbeciles,

Trekking towards a motivation,

Of greed and distemper.

Pronouncing a faulty criteria,

of Cheat and ignominy,

Marking a scene of disappearance,

To hide from truth and factual.

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Sound of Music

Music flows  like an unruffled wave
Revealing a sombre save.
Music rings  like a jingling bell,
Lilting with an enticing spell.
Music radiates a happy chime,
Revolving round a joyful time.
Music bellows like a loud thunder,
Emanating a metaphysical asunder,
Music brings in a shocking rhythm,
Recalling a  melancholic algorithm.
Music echoes a blissful melody,
Filling up with a celestial goody,
The sound of music are  so many,
Keeping in terms with situations any.

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Pains Are Too Many

Pains  are  so many,

They may seem uncanny

To talk about  them,

Is worth a penny.



The head wails  and reels

While it  suddenly  feels

A shooting and  splitting ache,

Through the routine  deals.



The eyes  prick and burn

In the fiery  terrible  sun,

As it experiences a  bloody irritation,

Enduring a  stress  laden reddish run.



The nose   locks,

In the biting  wintry  stocks,

As it catches  an infection,

Causing  a severe terrific  nasal block.



The neck sprains,

In a tough ordeal  drain,

Going through  a  stiff position

Proceeding  with  an unbearable strain.



The heart slows  on

As the pulse  falls  down,

While  it fails  to pump blood ,

Leading to  a  total break down.



The intestines  mourn

With  a  deficit  born

Succumbing to  a pernicious virus

Caving into a hazardous zone.



The hands  fumble

In a  shameful  tumble,

As they stabilize   a paralytic move,

Wishing for a therapeutic  preamble.



The legs sob and  weep,

As  they stumble steep,

With a   stifling difficult   pain,

Tracing into  intermittent peep.



The incessant intolerable  aches,

Throughout the systematic   stakes,

Cause an impromptu  intricate   strain

That torments and devastates  all makes.

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Financial Security.

Security ,whatever it may be.

It is mortal’s chief enemy,

Quoth the bard Shakespeare,

Which sounds a genuine gear.



Macbeth’s lust  for power,

Made him work up a cover,

To   anoint himself,

As supreme self.


His abnormal desire,

Pushed him to the mire,

Making him a defunct puppet,

Dancing to his wife’s  trumpet.


Midas love for gold,

Is narrated to the fold,

He wished for the metal,

In all things his hands settle.



His extraordinary craving,

Found him in a most stupefying,

Post of turning all things go;d,

Inclusive of his child behold.




Man’s fear in finding,

A safe haven  binding,

To invest  the hard-earned  income

In a profitable  venture  whole some.



His  deliberation finds him.

In a state of  apprehension grim,

Sending him to seek security,

In every nook and corner gritty.


Unlike Macbeth the  usurper,,

Nor  like Midas , the referer,

This ordinary Man, the humble,

Should achieve his target simple.

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Seeds,Species , Thoughts.

A process that brings in life,

Which typically confines to seeds,

Also extends to other strife,

That  wait in for fresh breeds.


Seeds  slowly spurt out,

Into tiny saplings,

Species gradually  grow out

Into small beings.



The physical  provisions do undergo,

A  remarkable change ,

As they shoot out from the embryo,

Eliciting a varied range.


The thoughts that we harbour,

Goes through a procedure,

While developing  into  a proper,

  Resource  for a grand future.

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Few knots

 The little obstacles that come up,

Are nothing much to distemper,

 As the stoic attitude that  keep up

The equanimity   under proper

Controlling the eventual let  up,

With a manoeuvering    clipper

That lead to an easy  set up.

Booking a quality  somber,

Disentangling a knotty  prop up,

Heralding a convenient   empower.





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The Left Over.

There is a balance.

Which poses a challenge ,

How to  carry over?



There is a grievance,

Which creates a misery.

How to tide over?





There is a   deliverance,

Which  makes a difference,

How to cross over?



There is a reverence ,

Which expresses a preference ,

How to bow over?





There is a   boldness

Which shows an awareness

How to ride over?




There is a remembrance,

which  cries for a  recurrence.,

How to think over?




There is a permanence,

Which calls for  freshness,

How to  link over?




There is a tolerance,

Which kindles patience,

How to  brook over? 

There is a graciousness,

Which reinstate a significance,

How to leave over?



There is   callousness

Which forms a  wickedness ,

How to  shield  over?






There is a resonance,

Which waits for a reason.,

Is it the left over?


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An Unappeasing Hunger

Appetites are many,

Which at times are funny,

Which  mostly appears  crazy

But  largely poses risky.



The hunger for food ,

 Becomes  exactly acceptable,

 And entirely   liable

But   ever feasible




The  lust for money,

 Turns  unwittingly detestable,

And absolutely  contemptible,

But never pardonable.



The lure for greed,

Looks  abruptly deplorable,

And  largely gullible,

But   necessarily  vulnerable.





The  desire for physical  pleasure,

Reflects   unimaginably horrible,

And terribly fallible,

But  definitely  unpalatable.





Hunger remains unappeased,

Hunger retains   unethical

Hunger claims intensity,

Hunger disclaims  integrity

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A Ring And A Buzz

The telephone rang without a break,

The door bell buzzed  without a stop,

The ring tone  made me crack,

The buzzer  forced me  to  drop,

I know not where to go,

Either to the door,

Or to the desk,

I was in a  frenzy,

Unable to decide,

Unable to move,

The sounds knocked me down,

I  sat quietly

Till the rings and buzz died.



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Here And There

Where am I? my mind quizzes

I am here,

I am there.

But I feel ,I am nowhere.






Why do I feel so ? my heart queries.

I do not know,

Yet I know,

I am  in an insecure thoroughfare.



Why is it so ?my tired body  questions,

I never realise,

Yet ,I understand,

I am in a state of  despondency.




Do not shrug ,cajoles  my intuition,

Not only you,

But all of you,

Feel the same coherence year after year.