As I Pass

The punctuality, the discipline
 the dress code I am noted for
have abandoned me in  a quick
 as I walk like a recluse governed
 neither  by time nor by appearance,
a trace of hippyism

My gray hair flying in all directions’
as I least try to colour them
excess starch in my saree
makes me look roundish
converting me shorter than
I am in real life.

The slight imbalanced walk,
a drag and a pull has  grown
 significantly prominent
 as I negotiate climbing
up and down the stairs
leaving me graceless.

I prefer to be at home
watching programs
 in You Tube,  serials
 which promise nothing
except some light thinking,
a habit of recent..

Life hitherto would go likewise
 I assume,, Bidding adieu
 to serious thoughts
 and sensible living style
 I gradually slip into a non cohesive
status which forebodes the end.
That of living.


In The Shrine Of Thirukadaiyu

Athan  enacts a sensitive scenario,
 incredible proposal and  unbelievable disposal.
 where Yama rushes
to the sanctum  riding
a boorish buffalo .

 Yama, the one who takes life,
throws a long rope to catch
 Markandeya who nudges
close to Athan. The chord
 entwines  both,

Bewildered, Yama withdraws
 pulling both  from their seats,
 Markandeya closes his eyes in fear
Athan embraces the boy.

Markandeya , safe in the hands
of Athan, breathes life with ease.
 He has  been granted the extension of life
 he beseeched. Could this be termed
 turn of destiny?

Athan — Shiva
Markandeya – one who was destined to live till 16.
Yama  – God of Death


Few Miles To Go

It is always I do
staring and staring
so hard and deep
till my eyes fall out.

My round eyes stand out
though they are  deep set
 controversial it might be
but it is true.

That has become my daily affair
 looking far into the horizon
 jumping over hedges and fence
 over to the infinity.

Should I attribute this to age,
 solitude, or to my reluctance
 to mix with society?
 I really do not know.

Days and months pass
 I turn into a hermit
 sitting amidst chaos
 far away in mind.

Like a river I flow
knowing  well I have
got few miles to go
 a few, before I sleep,