As I Pass

The punctuality, the discipline
 the dress code I am noted for
have abandoned me in  a quick
 as I walk like a recluse governed
 neither  by time nor by appearance,
a trace of hippyism

My gray hair flying in all directions’
as I least try to colour them
excess starch in my saree
makes me look roundish
converting me shorter than
I am in real life.

The slight imbalanced walk,
a drag and a pull has  grown
 significantly prominent
 as I negotiate climbing
up and down the stairs
leaving me graceless.

I prefer to be at home
watching programs
 in You Tube,  serials
 which promise nothing
except some light thinking,
a habit of recent..

Life hitherto would go likewise
 I assume,, Bidding adieu
 to serious thoughts
 and sensible living style
 I gradually slip into a non cohesive
status which forebodes the end.
That of living.