Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bedecking The Almighty

Temples  are for  worship and prayer,

 They  are no place for ostentation,

 They  are  no  space for distraction,

 They  are no case for exhibition,

But a portal for religious reverberation.




We  see the Almighty as an idol,

Signifying mercy and Peace,

Symbolic of   grace not tease,

Denoting piety not appease.

Revealing a sacred denomination.




Darning the icon with gold,

Decking it with  diamonds dazzling,

Adorning it with  rubies  glittering

Decorating  it with emerald  shinning,

Exhibit a colourful hue.



 The idol bejewelled and bedecked,,

Looks astonishing and amazing,

Lights up  the  desire  unnerving,

Kindles the  enthusiasm undeserving,

Towards a deviated  turning point.



An artificial  recreation clamours,

Dispelling the rapturous recitations,

Diffusing the fervent allocations,

To a commercial presentation,

Setting an incoherent grandeur.


The sanctum sanctorum   emits a holiness

Purporting a spiritual transcendentalism,

Eliciting an ardent devotionalism,

Spreading a feeling of  sacredness,

Away from the   mundane  activism.



The decked  up idol in all its  man-made glory,

Lacks the gravity  and serenity,

 Has lost  its poise and divinity,

Defeating the essence of   sanctity,

Enabling a demoralization  of credibility.









An Encounter

Never did we expect such a  bet,

Wherein we  had a close tete-a-tete,

With a controversial set,

Who posed a constant threat,

To the security of   an individual.



The talk proceeded to a distraction,

 Which bordered on an abstraction,

Ensuing a frenzied fraction,

Of a solitary obsession,

Expressing a confirmed challenge.



The sombre feelings got suppressed

 Establishing    a  phenomenon  depressed,

Nurturing a sensation oppressed,

Forecasting a  tale pressed,

To the  view of the progeny.



Reva And Payya

What makes most noise? quoth the  master,

An empty drum was the  collective answer,

ay ! Nay cried   the   stupid Reva,

It is  I who can  talk  loud ,

Not at all ! shouted Payya,

It is only I who can   talk  louder,

There arose a jarring shout,

Each one  shrieking at the top of their voice,

Reva  speaking in double throated ease,

His vocal cord cracking like a broken metal,

Payya   uttering senseless brag

Liking himself  to Socrates,

Reva and Payya set  ablaze  the thoughts,

With their incoherence and irrelevance,

Giving no ears to others,

Chanting incessantly their foolish  tunes,

Extolling their wealth  and their praise,

Thus exposing their ignorance, ,

Leaving a cesspool of mire and dust,

In the version of their lies and tries,

Failing miserably in the eyes of all,

As  destitute  crooks and cranks.


A vendor In A Bicycle.

Long long ago , so long ago,

When the people were with no ego,

There was a  small  self made man

Who sold beautiful art pieces in  a can,

 Cries out  by soliciting each and every household,

His voice made every one behold,

The glittering crafty skill,

Of  the artisans  frill,

A one to one admiration arose,

While the  buyers browse,

The vendor comments on the  pieces,

Quotes  easily  the prices,

In his familiar friendly  tone

Inducing the buyer to a  bargain shown,

Expressing an easy mode of payment,

 By extending a fair discount,

Summing up the transaction in a benign note,

Bidding adieu  to the  customers  with  a smiling dote,

Pushes  his  rattling cycle along the lane

Ringing his bell  in a rejoicing  plane.

They knew not the moderen trade,

Of malls and markets  grade,

Remained contented with grace,

Which kept all othere efface










An Ode To Scandals

Not a day dawns without a scam,

Not a night sets in without a scandal,

Day in and day out there are hundreds ,

Oh! No!  well over thousands ,

Which talk of a rigging and digging,

Which speak of a  manipulation and a negotiation,

Which harangue  about  hoarding and amassing,

 Accumulating  undue wealth and distinctive property,

Becoming rich all in a wink of  a moment.



Corruption creeps and blinks   from every corner,

Turning east there lies the housing discrepancy,

Towards west there  emerges an insider trading leak,

Looking north a strong blow of bank anomalies strike,

Down south  a serpentine smash of Ponzi schemes wriggle.

All focus on successive trials of consolidation,

Linking up to an adventure of yearning ,

Leading to an unethical aspiration,

Of adding up illegal and illegitimate money,

To keep the coffers in an enormous  bulge and unwarranted glory







The Way You live

The impregnation of life is heavy,

Loaded with values and morals

The style of living are vagary,

Accosting  many   winning laurels.



Live with pride and   grace,

Extending a  remarkable kindness,

Striving to hold a kind embrace,

Eliciting an eloquence of greatness.



Live with honesty and sincerity,

Promoting a skillful charisma,

Exploring the ways for dexterity,

Initiating a clause for  enigma.




Live with  fine  trend and track,

 By Setting an example of  an ideal,

Proposing a high-end pack,

Enumerating the ideas of real.



Live with true distinction,

By realising a result earnest,

Impressing  a rare delineation,

Promising a synergy august.










A Virtuoso Performance.

There was an exuberance all over,

The  listeners  were  speechless,

The rendition kept us motionless,

We  remained awe-struck.



The concert kept us spell-bound,

The spectators were in a trance,

 As there was no movement by chance,

 The performance was range bound,

We   stayed exhilarated


The imagination was  an exaltation

There was an enraptured silence,

AS the feelings were free from tense,

The melody was  a  rhapsodic culmination.

We sat mesmerised.