Daily Archives: February 3, 2011

Fallen Angel

Egypt is in great anguish,

 As the revolution is in full swing,

Upheaval has taken its wings,

 Against Mubarak  who is in a tight fix,

Thirty  long years of his reign,

Has caused a   rebellion,

Which  exhibits series of protests,

By the people  against his regime,

More so against his wish,

To anoint  his son as his successor.

Mubarak has been trapped unexpectedly

As  his  own army withdraws its support,.

His mentor the United States has deserted him,

As they always do in every crucial move,

Leaving him alone  to face the turbulence,

Which has led to dire consequences,

Of blood and death,massacre and killing,

Making the old man desperate and desolate

Pushing him to a state of defeat and shame,

Puncturing his grit and tenor,

Plotting a violent manipulation and  terrible scheming,

Against the eighty-four year old leader,

Who has fallen from  glory to misery,

And now , at last he is a “Fallen Angel”