Daily Archives: February 10, 2011

Chaos All Over

Seeing all through the lens,

I see confusion,

Viewing all through the glass,

I view trouble.

Perceiving all through the eyes,

I perceive disturbance.

Espying all through the magnifier,

I espy chaos.



The turbulence and turmoil  are prevalent,

All over,

The peril and danger  are experienced ,

All over,

The risk and ransom are found,

All over.



Economy is in the red,

As there is a  collapse.

Administration  is purely black,

As it is highly corrupt

Justice is absolutely yellow,

As it is jaundiced.





The welfare of the state is stagnant

It is an expression of  dryness

The progress of the world is  still,

It is an exhibition of vacuum,

The rebellion is in spate,

It is an exposition of anger.


There exists  a uncertainty,

A tremor is let loose,

A fear is wriggling in,

An uncomfortable piquancy  spreads,

Calling for an abrupt stalemate,

AS we trek into a new decade.