Wedding on The Anvil

weddingThe proposal of a wedding
takes its flight on the wings
practically it is any other thing
need not cause a ring.

A happy disclosure it is
news of delight and bliss
likely it is an event to cherish
differently provokes a gossip in a hiss

The flow turns an overflow
the alliance loses its glow
manipulations induct in a slow
precincts of a distinctive row.

Does it express a sensation ?
The bride points to a distinction
The bridegroom sports an elucidation
reigns there a supreme association.

I marvel at this juncture
it is a mild and soft flutter
should go without any rupture
a harmony into the future


The Times—-Haiku

The past is a relic.
it is antique
being outdated and didactic.

The present is alive.
It is a drive.
being imminent and a thrive.

The future is hope.
It is an elope.
being a possibility and a copimages (93)e.


The Future Holds.

That what is going to happen hold us with an anticipation.
We go to Tarot readers with an expectation.
We sit before the Parrot reader waiting for a prediction.
We rush to the astrologer for a detailed resolution
The future holds us with a fear and a bind.
Pushing us towards a thought in the hind
We unlock our dreams that lie in the mind.
The thoughts which cause a break from the line.
We, eager to get over and reach the top slot
go in circles, employ turns and plot.
The success is but minimal with little ingots.
Yet the future makes us live always with a task.
It forces us to odd-future_ned-flander_video live with a mask.


Living in The Present.

Not thinking much about future.
Not talking much about any feature.
Not reading anything about the creatures.
Not writing anything about nature
The man works in the present420_live_in_moment_7
doing what he could do to make it decent
His work program is not nascent
It is a lively action very recent.
To him travelling into the past
makes no impact lasting.
He goes on with his duties not aghast
but performs them in time and fast.
Well, that is how he lives in a cast.

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A Tribute To Creativity

creativityCreativity is beautiful.

Creating is  beautiful.

Creating with ideas is  beautiful.

Creating with taste is beautiful.

Creating  is a  choice beautiful.


Creativity is a gift  beautiful.

Found in few with an eye for beautiful.

Devolving out of thoughts beautiful

Delineated in the work most beautiful.

Making the creation very  beautiful.


Creativity  goes a long way.

Creating  treasures  along the way.

That stand the test of times all the way.

Installing monuments in words and things in the way.

Bequeathing a lovely glory to the future across the way.
















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A Poor Girl Yonder.

Tossing in the bed she lies.

Wrinkling her brows she cries.

Twisting her nose she tries.

Biting her lips she controls.


Up she gets  out of her bed.

Over her eyes look red.

Above she knocks her forehead.

High  she stumbles ahead.


In she walks along the aisle.

Into she  stutters over the trail.

Inside she breaks like a frail.

Inward she flutters as a gale.


Out she rushes out of the gate.

Outside she maintains her gait.


She attains the status of a feature.

She achieves a celebrity in structure 

She embarks as a classical  figure.

Oh! she is nothing more than a poor creature



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Chaos All Over

Seeing all through the lens,

I see confusion,

Viewing all through the glass,

I view trouble.

Perceiving all through the eyes,

I perceive disturbance.

Espying all through the magnifier,

I espy chaos.



The turbulence and turmoil  are prevalent,

All over,

The peril and danger  are experienced ,

All over,

The risk and ransom are found,

All over.



Economy is in the red,

As there is a  collapse.

Administration  is purely black,

As it is highly corrupt

Justice is absolutely yellow,

As it is jaundiced.





The welfare of the state is stagnant

It is an expression of  dryness

The progress of the world is  still,

It is an exhibition of vacuum,

The rebellion is in spate,

It is an exposition of anger.


There exists  a uncertainty,

A tremor is let loose,

A fear is wriggling in,

An uncomfortable piquancy  spreads,

Calling for an abrupt stalemate,

AS we trek into a new decade.