A feel of happiness

that of not achievement

one  out of fulfillment

takes me affront

making me relish

and forcing me to relinquish

the earthly  pleasures

indicating me  to highly treasure

faith and good will

which would last long  till

not foreseeing the world to end

which relinquish would move around

with cheer in a merry-go-round.





The Diamonds In Yellow Gold

The sparkling diamonds
cast in yellow gold
hold my fascination
for years long .
Designed with great care
with the four C’s prominent
the diamonds remain a treasure.
Not many could afford the lovely stones
but there is nothing wrong in admiring
while the whole world revels on it
with the young desiring to have a ring
that is worn during the weddings
give the twinkling stone a sentimental value.
Solemnizing the wedding with the beautiful ring
has become the custom of the west
while in the Occident or in the east
diamonds have a superior sway
as ear studs, nose rings and bracelets
and necklaces with startling pendents
make the bride’s jewellery collection
Mainly the Indians attach great significance
as ornaments are made of gold and diamonds
marking the status of the families
that get into alliance as most marriages
go by the arrangement of the parents
Still the weddings that take place in India
do get organised by the seniors
while the girl and the boy gracefully
get into the wedlock as per the wishes of elders
succeed in carrying the yoke with understanding.
Ldiamond necklaceately there is a significant rise in love marriages
with the proportionate break and divorce
which were once uncommon and unheard of in Indian culture.
The attractive diamonds has brought us to the culture
confirming its importance and richness in stature.



Real Treasure

Digging the garden
on a Sunday morning
found an urn
filled with things
that I dare not see.
Unearthing it with care
kept it under the shade
went on digging more
with the hope of finding still more
So went on with the work all through
eagerly looking into the pit true
and keeping the ears open wide
wanting to stop the work on side
when I hear a clang loud
I went on digging altogether
five hours went by in hot weather
but could find none other.
Exhausted sat with displeasure
forgetting about the treasure
that lay under the tree.
Slept for a while without glee
got up to find that most of my garden
has been tilted for once all by me
.With gratitude to the treasure lying idle
went back home with a solace great
that I have done a good work at the rate
that proved digginga reward of its own.

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A Tribute To Creativity

creativityCreativity is beautiful.

Creating is  beautiful.

Creating with ideas is  beautiful.

Creating with taste is beautiful.

Creating  is a  choice beautiful.


Creativity is a gift  beautiful.

Found in few with an eye for beautiful.

Devolving out of thoughts beautiful

Delineated in the work most beautiful.

Making the creation very  beautiful.


Creativity  goes a long way.

Creating  treasures  along the way.

That stand the test of times all the way.

Installing monuments in words and things in the way.

Bequeathing a lovely glory to the future across the way.
















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A Feel On Writing.

Writing is for pleasure .

Writing is to be cherished as a treasure.

Writing brings about undue  pressure.

Writing  is  an activity of leisure

Writing is a  quality to ensure.